problems accessing and publishing web sites

  gordons 07:23 04 May 2003

I have several web sites all designed and published through FrontPage. I use 2 different hosts for these sites both based in USA.

My ISP is Tiscali Broadband based in UK installed about 1 month ago without any problems.

Since installing broadband I have both accessed and published to all my web sites without problem until 4 days ago when my major web site went "down" and couldn't be accessed by either myself or other computers. This was denied by my Host for this site but was confirmed by both my ISP and also other computers.

Thanks in anticipation


The site came back "up" about 24 hours later but since then I have been left with this problem.

My web sites can be accessed from other computers but NOT FROM MY COMPUTER. Also FROM MY COMPUTER I am unable to publish using FrontPage although all other aspects of FP work fine (error message says unable to find Server) and I am also unable to access my web Host.

Both my ISP and Host say there is no problem their end, does anybody have any idea how to resolve.

My computer is a reasonably high spec, AMD1100, 256 RAM, 30Gig HD and I'm using IE6.

  MichelleC 08:54 04 May 2003

Tried detect and repair? Also can you see your site on web via 'open web' and insert the http?

More advanced users may jump in later.

  MichelleC 13:49 04 May 2003

Also, have you tried deleting index.htm from your pc via 'open web', then publishing. This may reset the required protocols.

  Taran 15:16 04 May 2003

Create a new web in Frontpage.

Import all of your current problem sites sub-folders and documents into it.

Better yet, run the Import Web Wizard to pull a fresh copy of your site from the host into the newly created web folder on your computer.

Try a minor site or page change to this fresh copy of the site and attempt to upload using your normal log in credentials with the option to only upload changed pages, not the entire site.

See what happens and post back.

This will help point to whether the program itself or something local on your computer is having a headache or whether there is something untoward happening with the original copy of your site in its current folder.

Oh, and completely flush your browser history cache too.

Let me know what happens and we'll see where we can go from there.



  gordons 16:13 04 May 2003

MichelleC and Taran

First may I thank you very much for your help, it is truly appreciated.

I flushed the browser history cache.

I tried "detect and repair" - no difference.

Next I tried creating a new web and importing a copy of my site click here from the host.

Result - "the specified location click here cannot be found"


  Taran 16:35 04 May 2003

I wonder if you have a corrupt Wininet.dll file.

Try running a detect and repair on Internet Explorer, since Frontpage depends on it to a large extent for interaction with the web.

You don't say which version of FP or Windows you are using, so until you've run the detect and repair on IE and told me which versions of the above you have, we are a little stuck.

Get back to me with the above info and try the detect and repair on IE.


  gordons 17:04 04 May 2003


I'm running W98SE 4.10.2222A and IE 6.0 2600.0000IS and FP2000

I'm confused as to where to find IE "detect and repair", all I can find in IE is how to "reset IE settings" and "uninstall and reinstall".

Should I reset to IE prior to installing Broadband?


  Taran 17:20 04 May 2003

Sorry if my suggestion was a little ambiguous.

Try this link for an overview of repairing IE:
click here

Reinstalling it from the same disk you originally used then applying your service patches could work.

Normally if you click on IE in Add Remove Programs you get the option to "Repair the current installation of Internet Explorer".

It's been a while since I played with Windows 98 though, so I'm running from memory here.

Take a stab at repairing IE and then have a go at importing your web again.

If you would rather not reinstall the entire program, try extracting the Wininet.dll file and replacing your current file with a new copy. Post again if you need instructions on how to do this.


  gordons 19:14 04 May 2003

Thanks, I repaired IE and tried again to import the web but unfortunately no success.
It could be I have a dual problem here as I asked a friend to try and log in to click here and he reported "server not found"
Could I ask you to try this also and let me know your findings.
Meanwhile I would appreciate your instructions on replacing the Wininet.dll file.
Thanks again


  Taran 22:54 04 May 2003

OK, I've visited the URL of your site and it took some time for the page to respond but it loaded up fine into my browser.

I can't log into your site without an account username and password. Although I am willing to attempt a log in if you want me to, your username and password are sensitive and should not be disclosed any old how. If you would like to pursue this line, email me by clicking the envelope icon next to my username, I'll replay and you can forward me the necessary log in details.

Finally, before we go into extracting a replacement Wininet.dll file, can you confirm one thing for me please. Have you or anyone else who has direct access to the root of your site ever used an FTP program to upload changed/updated pages or have you only ever uploaded via FrontPage ?

If you have, this is your answer.

Replay with details and I'll explain if necessary.

If you want me to access the site, email me and we'll go from there.

And if that doesn't work we'll replace your Wininet.dll file and cross our fingers.



  Taran 22:55 04 May 2003

"Replay with details" was meant to read "Reply with details".

My apologies for the mangled spelling.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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