Problems with accessing my 2nd internal dataHDD

  terendak_uk 17:49 13 Dec 2008

I'd be very grateful for any advice re my problem:

Windows XP Pro.Sempron cpu
I have a slave HDD( 160Gb) on primary IDE that contains all my data. All was well for 2yrs but recently, when I opened it, I got a "Windows explorer has encountered an error.....needs to close..." message.
If I ignored the message ( left it hanging) I was still able to access the drive, no problem most of the time. However , sometimes it just froze.
So, I reformatted my primary drive/reinstalled Windows and all was well for a week. Then the same problem occurred.( sure, before this I did fdsk/scannow and also inserted the OS disc to repair: no change. I also checked the disk for errors....none)
I then bought an external USB HDD( 1 TB) and copied all data to it ( still getting the explorer "encounter" problem when I opened the internal data drive to copy data but, luckily, able to continue, if I ignored the message)
However, I now get the same error message when I open my external USB HDD.(
Strangely, I also have another external USB Lacie portable drive that never gives me any problems.
I have checked thro the archives here but cannot find anything that matches my problem.
Everything else is working well, including USB wireless adaptor and any USB memory stick I insert.
PS: I transferred the internal data drive so it was a slave on the secondary IDE and it worked well for a week...then I got the same error message!)
PS2: The new external and the internal data drives are NTFS formatted ( sure, when I bought it, the new external ITb drive was FAT but I reformatted it. The external USB Lacie 160Gb external is never gives me problems.
Yes, my primary drive is NTFS-formatted.
Again, I'd be very grateful for any help.
If you got this far.....thank you, anyway!
best wishes,

  bluesbrother 23:28 13 Dec 2008

"Windows explorer has encountered an error.....needs to close..."
Perhaps the fault lies with Windows Explorer.
"all was well for a week", did you install anything at the end of that week?

  terendak_uk 14:43 14 Dec 2008

Nothing subsequently installed, originally.
The error message just started one day: I then did a reformat and XP re-install, as I said, and the error "just recurred". If the fault lies with Windows explorer I think I've done everything that I can to fix it, like running sfc \scannow?

  terendak_uk 20:44 23 Jan 2009

By me...
I am disappointed that PC Advisor could not suggest ways to resolve my problem.

Eventually, I just did this: Under Computer Management: Reformatting HDD to a Simple/dynamic structure.
Works very well......
I would be very grateful for any rationale behind what I have done.

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