crantock's 16:48 04 Mar 2009

Had a problem with my PC, put it into a pc repair shop,was told the problem was a corrupt windows file??? got my pc back and it is very slow. Only 3 months old. How can I speed it up again??

  The Kestrel 16:57 04 Mar 2009

If you paid for the repair of your PC it should arrive back working correctly. You should contact the repair shop and ask them to investigate and put right the speed issue.

  MAT ALAN 17:10 04 Mar 2009

If you paid for the repair you have defaulted on your warranty agreement, unless its with the shop where you took your PC..

What exactly did they do to your PC or what did they TELL you they had done...

  MAT ALAN 18:31 04 Mar 2009

Text by email..

Thanks for the reply. firstly, I contacted the customer tech helpline for the maker of my pc, told them the problem they tried acouple of things and then said it was a software issue and software is not covered by the warranty. Secondly,The pc repair shop said it was a corrupt windows file and took the pc back to factory settings because it came back with just vista on it. I've had to put everything back on myself.

crantock's me old conker if you direct your reply's to your post others interested in helping will benefit the yellow envelopes are normally used by invitation only (no problem matey)

Now that we have established its a software issue is there anything you have put on your PC or is it slow with just your O/S loaded up...

  MAT ALAN 18:35 04 Mar 2009

OOOPS!! having read your post a bit more it seems you have software conflict somewhere, might have to be a process of ellimination, you could have a look in task manager (CTRL ALT DEL) will get you there and see what if anything has the most or an unusual amount of CPU usage...

  crantock's 07:59 07 Mar 2009

Downloaded a torrent file from btjunkie thats all

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:19 07 Mar 2009

I suggest you scan for Virus and Malware.
A slow machine after a download sounds like a "nastie"

  crantock's 09:55 07 Mar 2009

Thanks FB done full scan with norton no nasties. had a bit of a play: disc clean up, dfrag, pc tools reg mechanic scan not to bad now.

Thanks all

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