BRY47 14:17 25 Oct 2005

HP computer
Windows XP
Problem started when l tried to install a new graphics card to replace the onboard one l had,in the end l took it out again because the PCs screen just kept going blank and the yellow stanby light came on and this happened every time l started the PC, but l'm over that now and after a lot of thought and a default reinstall.
the problem now is that l cannot reinstall my broardband driver, l'm with AOL Gold, AOL can't get it sorted, l downloaded the driver from AOL for my BT Voyager100 to my desk top, but it won't install, l get the message =cant get registry value
Help Please??

  splork 15:26 25 Oct 2005

Look in Control Panel/Add REmove programs for the BT modem drivers and remove them if they're there, then look in Device Manager (System in control panel, Hardware tab) and remove any references to the modem there too. REboot and try the installation again.

  007al 18:56 25 Oct 2005

did you turn off the onboard graphics before you installed the new card?

  stevie2times 21:33 25 Oct 2005

yes i had the same problem it was down to the drivers for the graphics card you will have disable the intergrated graphics card and reinstall drivers for youre new graphics card if it all gets a bit of a mess you could try system restore then go to add and remove programs and remove entries for new graphics may allso correct youre broadband aswell im not sure this will definetly work but the posting on this forum will help good luck.

  BRY47 22:12 25 Oct 2005

Thanks Splork.
All BT drivers were uninstalled,l think it has something to do with a missing software, like l said in my first post, the error message tells me about[ globespanvirata ]but l cannot find any such software in my system.

007al. When l bought the new card a nvidia 3d graphics card, l was told all l needed to do was uninstall the driver for the onboard card, l did that straight after l got the new card and driver going.

l did do a system restore and that got mr my driver back for the onboard graphics card, it was at that point l took out the new card and delated the driver for that card, thing have worked fine since then, appart from no broardband driver installed.
so thanks Guys, but l still want my broadband driver to install to get the modem going again, l have loads of stuff to update again since the system restore, dont want to do that on the dial up l have now.

  PaulB2005 00:10 26 Oct 2005

Try the AOL Computer Check Up (or whatever it's called). Last time i saw this it reinstalled the drivers and the modem came back on-line after not receiving a DSL signal for two days.

  splork 01:12 26 Oct 2005

Start Menu/Run, type regedit , find HKLM\Software\Globespanvirata\ADSL\ and see what's there. If the string value `language` is there, but no data is in it , type `english`. Try install again.

  BRY47 11:13 26 Oct 2005

Thanks PaulB2005 done that, No Issues was the result.

Thanks Again.
Splork,No HKLM found, checked other stuff that came up but no Globesranvirata.

  BRY47 13:58 26 Oct 2005

Did a search on globespanvirata and found this=
click here
the first one on the list looks like the one l need ??. if so were do l download it to ??.

  splork 14:19 26 Oct 2005

I think you're better off trying the ordinary BT Voyager drivers from the BT site, if you can get those to install they might put back any missing info in the registry in order for you to install the AOL version. The AOL installer should generate the regkey I mentioned even before asking you to plug in the modem. Very odd.

  splork 14:32 26 Oct 2005

The globespanvirata bit appears to refer to the chipset inside the modem, both the BT and AOL drivers refer to the same thing in the registry.

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