Problems with 1gb(?) usb flash drive

  greybeard 20:46 13 Sep 2008

I've just tried to use a new plug & play 1gb flash drive bought of ebay, made in China(OK, I know !)

First problem I discovered was that it was only 512mb, so I've sent a polite email to the seller.
While I wait for their reply, I decided to remove the files I had managed to get onto it( some didn't want to copy over to it originally, but I'd let that pass). This is the second problem - it can't remove them.
So I decided to reformat it as a way of erasing them, but no, it can't do that either - third problem.

Assuming that the seller agrees to a refund or to supply me with what I paid for, how to I remove the files I've put on ?
It's not a desperate issue as there is nothing on there but graphics files/photos/and a load of downloaded published material. No security issues at all, but I'd like to know how I might erase it, if that's possible.

By the way, I have checked that other flash drives work ok.


  rdave13 07:57 14 Sep 2008

Personally I'd give it up as a bad job. See what the seller says (about a refund) and give a neutral feedback if you get one. I wouldn't bother sending it back, though, as you can't erase personal details and explain this to the seller.
If you can't get a refund then give a negative feedback and bin the drive.
Visit Amazon and treat yourself to a proper one... ;)

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