syl57 08:37 05 Aug 2004

Hi wondered if there is anyone that can give me some help please.
I have been having problems with my computer for a while freezes when i go into IE but now when I downloaded a game of the net it wouldnt play so i contacted them and they say my registry may be corrupt panic panic
I have no idea were to find out if this is so and they told me to check my log ????
no idea what they mean so any help would be useful with this problem.
I am running window98 and I do have a restore disc that I could use to re-install everything but I have had a new hard drive fitted so not sure if the old disc i have will still work the hard drive came from the manufactor of the computer so am I right in thinking the restore disc should work and is that the answer
thanks for any help

  keith-236785 09:02 05 Aug 2004

bide your time with this one, someone a couple of weeks ago explained how to restore the registry on windows 98 but i cant remember the method. hopefully they will jump on and help you out but it may be later today.

meanwhile i will continue trying to remember what the thread was titled (my memory aint that good)

  syl57 09:55 05 Aug 2004

Hi paperman.
Thanks for your speedy reply but do you know how i would first check the registry to see if i have any faults please someone told me i should look for a log???? not sure what that means thanks

  allstarhm 13:26 05 Aug 2004

Not sure about the registry stuff, but if your new HDD is larger than the original one, and you use that restore disc, than there might be a possibility that there might be cluster problems. Like for example you might not get disk defragmenter to work (and probably some other problem that i'm unaware about).
But overall there'll be no problem.

  Mavisk 16:16 05 Aug 2004

Not sure about a Registry log,but if you Restart PC in Safe mode,
"choose command prompt only"
Press enter,when C:\> appears type scanreg press enter again.
It will then tell you if your Registry is corrupted,
and give you the option to view Registry backups from an earlier date and to restore one of them.

  syl57 19:54 05 Aug 2004

Hi mavisk.
thanks for youer reply and this is going to sound silly if not stupid how do i start my computer in safe mode as i have never done that before and am very new to computers

  Thetford Brian 20:02 05 Aug 2004

Hold the control key down while it's starting up.

On some PC's you can do the same by holding down the F8 key.

You should then get an option box to be able to select 'start in safe mode'.

  norman47 20:36 05 Aug 2004

You will need to restart your system in msdos mode and not safe mode.

When you go to shut down you should have the option to start in msdos, pick this. If not reboot the computer and keep pressing the F8 button as starts to boot. Then as Thetford Brian says pick the msdos option.

  syl57 22:00 05 Aug 2004

hi will I did the check but it says my registry is ok so at a loss what to do next other than forget about the game causes to many problems just wish i knew more about computers than I do
not sure wiether to re-install all the computer or just to leave it alone as I am still getting were my screen just freezes in IE so not sure what that is about.
after running the register mechanics is told me i had 2 errors in shared programe but would not repair them and 6 errors in add/remove perogramme and would repair those .
only obtion ihave is to buy the full version of mechanics so will have to see what I can do for the time being

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