problem with zone alarm

  >steve< 15:08 31 Dec 2006

iv got a problem with my firewall its zone alarm.when zone alarm used to ask me to allow or deny the application access to the internet but now all it shows is the allow tab and not the deny tab what's gone wrong how do i get it to deny access to applications.thanks.

  skidzy 15:09 31 Dec 2006

Time for a reinstallation of ZA i think.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:11 31 Dec 2006

Here are a few tips to help you set up ZoneAlarm properly. These tips will help you move toward secure and seamless firewall use, keeping your computer safe with little effort on your part.

1: Turn off notifications
On installation, tell ZoneAlarm not to alert you when it blocks an attempt to contact your computer from the Internet. Most of these contacts are innocent. Though it's interesting to see what kind of activity is taking place, ultimately the incessant notifications will prove a distraction.

2: Block unnecessary access
ZoneAlarm alerts you when an application on your computer tries to contact an address on the Internet. Only allow access for programs you know need the Internet. These include your Web browser and e-mail client, as well as any program that has an automatic-update feature. Don't let other programs, such as Microsoft Word, contact the Internet unless you know what they're doing.

3: Automatically lock Internet access
Unless you're downloading files, it's a good idea to lock Internet access when you step away from the computer. In the ZoneAlarm Control Center, click Program Control, then click On in the Automatic Lock area. Click the Custom button and choose how much idle time should pass before the Internet lock kicks in.

4: Lock your host file
Some viruses or other malicious programs may add their own entries to your host file, which could misdirect your Web browser. ZoneAlarm can lock your host file to prevent changes. Click Firewall in the ZoneAlarm Control Center, then click the Advanced button. Check the box next to Lock Host File.

5: Create a Trusted Zone
If you have two or more computers connecting to the Internet through a router, you can create a Trusted Zone. Click Firewall in the ZoneAlarm Control Center, then click the Zones tab. Click the Add button and enter your other computers' local IP addresses. You can set Trusted Zone security to let your computers share files and disk space.

  >steve< 15:14 31 Dec 2006

you think?if it does mean that i might try comodo personal it gets a better rating than za free it was fine yesterday.anyone ells used comodo?

  skidzy 15:18 31 Dec 2006

Well if you are thinking of trying Comodo,i guess now is the time to try.

Just make sure once ZA is removed via add and remove programs,run ccleaner to tidy up click here reboot and download Comodo

  birdface 15:20 31 Dec 2006

If you cant fix your problem try this,click here Firewall,run it in easy mode,So easy to use.Download the full version, then after a month if you dont want to pay for it, It reverts to the free edition,

  >steve< 15:21 31 Dec 2006

i have been a user of za for about 3 years now and i am a fan of zone alarm i have already done the things you have suggested previously,what i cant understand is it was fine yesterday and i have not changed anything just a reboot.i cant find out why it dont show the deny tab now longer i have run all av and spy scans and im clean.any help please.

  skidzy 15:31 31 Dec 2006

If fine yesterday,how about system restore ?

  >steve< 15:37 31 Dec 2006

yeah i did think of that but i installed some programs yesterday and i will have to reinstall these if i do so i dont wanna do go that route.

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