Problem with wmp 11

  isititis 17:20 13 Jan 2011

My pc runs WinXP Home with sp3 and has a problem with WMP 11 that runs slow and distorts music cd's when played. There is, what I can be best describe as a random clicking noise. The clicking is only present when music or vocals are played. Where there is silence in the music/song the clicking cannot be heard. The problem appears to be related to WMP 11 only, for when the same cd's are played on CyberLink PowerDVD10, there is no problem.
I've tried all the usual stuff, scans, system restore and the like, but no joy.
I'm out for a couple of hours.
Thank you in advance of a fix.

  GaT7 17:38 13 Jan 2011

Try navigating to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player & double-clicking setup_wm file. The follow the install wizard to completion.

You're basically installing WMP over itself, which cures some problems. G

  isititis 21:15 13 Jan 2011

Thank you for your input. When the setup_wm file is opened, the 'Validate your copy of Windows' comes up. In an earlier effort to correct the problem I rolled back to WMP 10. This did not correct the problem and in fact made the situation worse. After rolling back, I tried to run CyberLink PowerDVD10. It wouldn't run, but a window popped up immediately with a message to the effect that an error occurred and to report this to Microsoft, which I did. I then reinstalled WMP 11 which, for some reason allowed CL PDVD10 to run. I am tempted to delete CL PDVD10 and see if that corrects the issue with WMP 11.
Views most welcome.

  GaT7 12:49 14 Jan 2011

"When the setup_wm file is opened, the 'Validate your copy of Windows' comes up."

Yes, that applet will display initially even if your Windows is already activated. So did you go ahead with it - i.e. reinstalling WMP11 via that file?

If you remove CL PDVD, don't delete it but rather uninstall it via 'Add or Remove Programs'. G

  isititis 15:05 14 Jan 2011

I clicked on the WMP icon in Program Files and up came the Validate ...etc and clicked validate in the bottom right hand corner and then I accept. The result was that I have the most recent version of WMP and all of it components and no updates are available.
What is the difference in the deletion of a program and removing it in Add or Remove Programs.
Both do the same thing, don't they?
Thank you for your efforts.

  isititis 15:07 14 Jan 2011

Sorry, but I have to go out now. Will be back about 6ish

  GaT7 15:19 14 Jan 2011

"The result was that I have the most recent version of WMP and all of it components and no updates are available."

OK, so does it solve the original problem?

Deletion will only delete the visible files & folders in the C:\Program Files\[your program name] folder (where [your program name] is the program you are going to delete or have just deleted).

It will not delete any registry entries, or any other files/folders that were installed/created in other areas of the hard disk. On the other hand, an uninstall will do this too. G

  GaT7 15:22 14 Jan 2011

"On the other hand, an uninstall will do this too."

An uninstall should do all of it in principle, but it's not always perfect in action. It is still much better than a simple deletion though. G

  isititis 20:02 14 Jan 2011

Unfortunately, the problem still exists in WMP 11. I do not believe there is a problem with the drive. If that were the the case, it would show when CL PDVD10 was used to play cd's, wouldn't it?

  GaT7 20:51 14 Jan 2011

So you uninstalled PowerDVD & reinstalled WMP but the problem still exists?

Yes, you're right - no problem with the DVD drive. G

  isititis 16:16 15 Jan 2011

Yes I uninstalled powerDVD and the problem still exists in WMP 11.
I dowloaded PowerDVD10 again and played a bought video in WMP11 and in PowerDVD, both run very slow. So What I have now is a drive that will only play music at the correct speed using PowerDVD10.

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