Problem wit ZA and AVG

  colberly 14:05 01 Jun 2004

Is anyone else having a problem with the new ZA update and AVG? I have AVG timed to automatically scan daily, but for the last few days on starting the scan I get the BSOD and my PC has to be restarted. I have just tried again after disabling ZA with no problems. Perhaps I should change firewalls, but what to?

  Smiler 14:15 01 Jun 2004

I have both AVG & ZA5. I keep the control centre running all the time and I do a full scan manually every couple of days without problems. What op system do you have, if its winxp have you disabled it's virus checker as it may conflict with it?

  colberly 14:19 01 Jun 2004

I have win ME and everything was working fine until I upgraded to the latest version of ZA. I even tried a manual scan prior to disabling ZA and the same thing happened. Once I disabled ZA everything ran smoothly.

  Stuartli 14:38 01 Jun 2004

XP doesn't have a virus checker. You are probably thinking of Internet Connection Firewall (ICF).

To disable it right click your ISP(s) in the Network Connections folder, click Properties and the Properties window for the connection(s) will appear.

Click the Advanced tab for the ICF check box.

  keith-236785 15:16 01 Jun 2004

seems like a few people suffered from the same thing, maybe the answer is to uninstall BOTH AVG, and ZA.

download the latest version and install zone alarm first. then download and install the latest avg, za will ask for permission to allow avg access to the internet and to act as a server (i think).

i have the free avg, and ZA Pro (paid for version)running windows xp, and i have had no problems, had both of these protecting my computer for a couple of years without any problems at all, maybe i have just been lucky.

  Stuartli 15:39 01 Jun 2004

I have ZA (free version, always latest), AVG, Ad-aware6, S and D (now 1.3) and SpywareBlaster 3.1 - all work in perfect harmony and always have done over several years.

AVG doesn't require ZA to act as a server.

The secret, as always, is to ensure that the correct configuration is applied.

  colberly 15:46 01 Jun 2004

I also have been running ZA and AVG for several years with no problems in the past. It is only since the latest upgrade that the problem has arisen and I have changed nothing as far as settings.

  ^wave^ 16:02 01 Jun 2004

I have upgraded to new za and i have no problems with avg and za i ues winme. only prblem i have is spybot 1.3 doesnt work hangs in the fix stage

  colberly 16:09 01 Jun 2004

Thankyou for all the replies, but the fact that none of you seem to be having a problem doesn't really help with mine. I will try re installing and if that doesn't work ditch ZA.

  johnsims 16:31 01 Jun 2004

If you go to the Zone Alarm forum you will find lots of reports that ZA5 is very buggy. Do an uninstall of ZA5 and go back to a 4.5 build as that is solid. Keep an eye on the Zone Labs forum to see when they have fixed version 5. It is definitely ZA5 and not AVG that is your problem

  Smiler 17:29 01 Jun 2004

You're right I was thinking of the firewall. Sorry all.

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