alt 17:38 22 Apr 2003

Hi, I have just bought a couple of Belkin Wireless USB Network Adapters so I can network my 2 computers. As soon as I installed the driver on the first machine, (running windows XP), I then tried to connect to the internet and the cuputer blacked out and restarted itself, it does this everytime I try and connect, I am using a ASDL modem. Meanwhile I tried to install the driver for the Adapter on the second computer and it keeps freesing up. As I have paid a fortune for these two adapters (thinking it would be nice and easy), I am very upset that I cant get through the first stages of even installing the drivers, lets alone anything else....Can anyone help?.....

  John-259217 04:52 23 Apr 2003

I`ve not found this problem with any of the USB wireless adapters I`ve tried. How are you connecting them? Are they in the main USB ports or thru a hub? Is your ASDL modem also USB? As you state the problem occurs on the first pc when you try to connect to the internet I would look at device conflicts or power problems via USB first. On the second machine at what point in the install does it freeze? I would try removing the drivers and reinstalling, both with and without the adapter plugged in, yes I know what the manual says but it can make a difference. Get the latest driver from the Belkin site just in case but I am sure this can be resolved, the first wireless adapters I set up took me a while to suss out but I got there in the end!

  John-259217 05:05 23 Apr 2003

Just found your first post re. networking kits. Don`t give up, it will work on wireless its just that nothing is ever simple when you think its gonna be !!:-)

Just been throught the trials of setting up a wireless network using two Belkin USB adaptors.

The manual that came with the adaptors only refers to Windows 98, 2000 and ME but there is an installation guide for XP on the Belkin web site.

After downloading the drivers, I ran the setup program and attached the adaptor when requested.

I restarted from scratch after having problems when first trying to set up the network and the second time, it was childs play, although I did get some excellent advice from a fellow forum member.

If you need any help, please feel free to email me directly.


  alt 18:55 23 Apr 2003

Hi James,
I am still having problems even after downloading the xp driver from the Belkin site. It seems to download the driver OK then when I start up again with the adapter plugged in the conmputer tells me it's found new hardware, then we go through all those steps, at the end it tells me everything is successfull but I still have a little red x next to the adapters icon in the system tray and I cant network....Any ideas

  alt 18:58 23 Apr 2003

Jogn, My asdl is USB. My machine doesn't black out aymore when I try and install the drivers and then the adapter. It just keeps telling me that the hardware is installed but it will not work.....

  John-259217 08:58 24 Apr 2003

OK, if your machine is not blacking out and you have the icon in your system tray it sounds as if the adapter is correctly installed. Now you need to set up your wireless network. The red x means that the adapter is not linked to any network yet. Its possible to use Windows to manage the settings here but I think you may find it easier to use the Belkin Adapter Manager. You will need both computers switched on and the same settings on each before you can establish a connection. Most important here are the SSID and the Channel number, set these the same and you should be up and running. Think of it like two cb radios, if only one is on or they are set to different channels, no amount of calling will let you talk to anyone else. The same is true for your wireless adapters. Post again if your still having problems.

  alt 11:22 24 Apr 2003

Thanks John, I am now going to give it another go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish me luck.......I will let you know how I get on....Val

  alt 18:30 24 Apr 2003

Well Guys, I have managed to set up the two adapters so they are working. However I am now trying to figure out how to access the files and internet connection of the main computer when I am on the 2nd. client computer....Any tips?...

  John-259217 18:41 24 Apr 2003

Run the Windows network setup wizard on both PC`s make sure it picks the right internet connection and the proper network adapter,check the network name is the same for both (MSHOME is the default but you can change it) and it should take care of everything for you. Find it from Control Panel/Network and Internet Connections/Setup or change network settings. As you go through it, you also need to pay attention to the arangement of your systems, it has nice pictures to help here. When it completes you will have shared printers, internet connection and a My shared files folder. Further files can be shared by right clicking them and setting sharing options under properties. Be aware that Windows can take a few minutes to realise its been networked so you may not get everthing to happen immediately!

  alt 19:48 24 Apr 2003

Hi John, I have just done this and it all seems ok. But when I try and connect to the internet on the 2nd. machine It is still dialing up on the freeserve anytime setting (which is the one I want to get rid of) because I have Broadband on the master computer and I am paying for two connections!! How do I get it to use the Broadband connection?...sorry about all the questions....Val

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