Problem with wireless connection on PC

  galaga 15:01 26 Aug 2012

My problem is this: my PC has intermittent problems connecting to my home wireless network. Sometimes resetting the PC/router a few times does it, other times that doesn't seem to make any difference.

I think that the problem is with my PC, because other devices (e.g. iPad) connect to the router & are able to access the internet no problem, even when my PC is not connecting.

My network setup is this:


My PC: Vadim PC; 4GB RAM; Intel Quad Core CPU; Asus WL-138gE wireless adapter; Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit.

When I try to connect to my home network, I get this:


I click connect to a network, and get this:


I try and few more times, and another persons network appears:


I check my wireless network adapter and it looks OK:


And the driver details:


I disabled and enabled my wireless adapter, and my network (though not the other one) appears:


Great! I try and connect, though in less than a second I get this:


I click "diagnose the problem" and get this:


OK, so I plug an ethernet cable between the router and my PC, and initially get this:


And then after about 20 seconds lo and behold this:


I access my router (obtained from O2) and look at my home network:


And the router's connection page:


I'm at a bit of a loss what to do and would really appreciate any help with getting my wireless connection working again!

  difarn 17:33 26 Aug 2012

Go into your router's connection page and change the wireless channel -the usual default channel is - try 1 or 11.

You could try this microsoft hotfix which I think will address any TCP/IP issues.

  worrell.christian 18:18 04 Sep 2012

I spent the afternoon looking at routers, and after reading the reviews, I am thinking of the Western Digital My Net N900

I though the FasTrack Plus technology is something the other routers I looked at didn’t have, and I am doing a lot of Hulu downloads and watching, and I think FasTrack will be good for that.

Anyone have and real time experience with this router?

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