problem with windows 98 pc

  nikef 07:04 15 Nov 2005

spent the past two months cleaning up the pc,adding antivirus software, spybot search and destroy,pop up blocker,pc was working brilliantly, the pc has three acounts, one my sis acounts,thats the one i have been working on and, and two more acounts for her children,they both have there own passwords,she let her daughter on to her own acount yesterday,she started messing around with the desktop settings,changing colours,background and stiff,now when my sis logs on to pc with her password,all the hard thats been done has gone,theres icons there that had been removed and also some of the software desktop icons that i put on are missing,is there a way i can get her acount back to how i left it,many thanks for any help

  Diemmess 09:02 15 Nov 2005

Worth a try.....
Boot while tapping away on the F8 key before Windows itself starts to load.
You will stop at a DOS screen of alternatives.
Choose (5?) Comand prompt only.
When the cursor changes to C:> type...
scanreg /restore
exactly like that with a space after scanreg.

You will then have a list of dates when the computer ran successfuly. Choose one which is before the current mess, and follow the prompts.

This will restore the registry only but it has to be tried.

  nikef 09:06 15 Nov 2005

will try that, thank you diemmess

  nikef 10:20 16 Nov 2005

thank you very much diemmess it worked, pc back to normal again :o)

  Diemmess 11:03 16 Nov 2005

Glad to hear it! :o)

  palinka 18:22 17 Nov 2005

nikef, it would be helpful now that your problem is solved to put a tick in the box beside Resolved and then click Resolved. That way a green tick will appear beside your thread and everyone will know it's.

  nikef 08:17 18 Nov 2005

palinka,thanks for reminding me,but as i posted on the 16th i ticked the resolved button at the same time,as i always do when my issue has been resolved,may be when you came on here on the 17th,pc advisor had not up dated this post nikef

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