Problem when watching TV over the internet.

  montse 18:45 26 Apr 2009

For some months I have been watching TVE a la carta -which accesses TV1 and TV2 from Spanish public service TV - news, documentaries and archive material.The programmes are not live (except for a new 24 hour news channel) but are, in the case of news, normally available within a few hours of initial transmission. Initially reception was good-just occasional freezing, but restarting was easy. Lately however, the freezing has increased and currently it has become not worth while to watch. Freezing also happens virtually continously with the new live 24 hour news programme. Advice would be welcome.

I use Internet Explorer, with, for other purposes, a satisfactory broadband connection (talktalk). I have no problem with Spanish PSB radio over internet. I have 2 GB of Ram.Is it a streaming problem? If so, how remedy? Would Incspeed software (rec. in past by PCAdvisor) be worth considering if it is a speed problem?

Thanks. Montse

  MAJ 19:46 26 Apr 2009

Streaming video uses a lot of bandwidth, your problem could be caused by problems with the TV station's server or by TT throttling your bandwidth (if you've been using it a lot). Have you tried accessing the site using someone else's computer and connection?

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