Problem with Web Site I Designed

  LarryF 12:05 24 Jun 2009

Last year I designed a site for friend who worked for a company at click here and it worked fine with no speed issues. I have not updated the site since then, but now it apparently takes a long time to load on some pages. I have viewed it with Firefox 3, IE7 and IE8 and it loads within a few seconds, but other people say it loads slowly and they were using IE8 amongst other browsers. I validated the code using HTML Tidy in UltraEdit and I can't get it to load slowly, so I can't reproduce the problem to try and fix it. Anyone have any ideas?

  Forum Editor 00:01 25 Jun 2009

loaded the site in about two seconds.

IE8 took about five seconds to load it.

If I disabled the add-ons in IE8 it wouldn't load the site at all.

Frankly there's no apparent reason for the slow load, or the total load failure. If Google Chrome can handle it that quickly so should IE8.

  LarryF 09:36 25 Jun 2009

Thanks for the input, but I'm still no closer to find a solution. I had a report that for one person using IE7 it took 15 seconds to load one page. Someone with Firefox and Opera said it was fine, so I think it's a browser issue but I don't know what exactly. If I can't find a solution I'll have to redesign the site from scratch, which will be a pain to say the least.

  slightlymad 02:55 15 Jul 2009

Web Page Analyzer click here is useful for determining the causes of slow-loading.

And while I'm here, you have an extraneous </ul> on line 32:

id="gold_dealersnav">Gold Dealers</a></ul>

Oh, and it should be <br> not <br/> on line 62.

Your page will validate if you correct these small errors, and who knows, it might just decrease the loading time...

  LarryF 15:16 15 Jul 2009

Hi slightlymad, I missed the extra </ul> on the index page, which is strange as I validated the pages in UltraEdit using HTML Tidy. However, that does not cause the page to load slowly. I had already run the Web Page Analyzer and did the best I could to reduce the large amount of graphics, etc. that the results recommended. As the page is complying to XHTML, the <br> tags should be <br/>, as stated at click here. The client has said that the page loads fine now (I haven't made any changes to speed it up though) so I think this question has been answered. Thanks!

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