Problem viewing ecards help please thanks

  bof:) 00:32 08 Jul 2003

Hi All,

I've been using a free ecard site for some time now and regularly send ecards to my friends.

I've tried to send 1 today and all I get where the picture usualy appears is a blank box with a white square in the top left hand corner that has a few coloured squares in it.

At the bottom of the page is a message saying install 'Macromedia flash if you cannot view this page'.

I have tried to do this but macromedia site also has just white squares where pictures should be.

I've tried viewing pictures from other websites, all these appear to be ok.

It looks as if its only animated Ecards that are not shwing as they used to.

I'm using win98se. IE6

Thanks in advance for all help,


  bof:) 09:38 08 Jul 2003

Hi All,

I've tried to access the Ecard site today, its still the same as above.

When trying to download Macromedia flash6 I do not get a download box appearing at all. Just a white square with a small square with colours in it in the top right hand corner.

I've downloaded a program from the downloads pages of PCA just to check I still can and it worked ok.

The site I use for the ecards I send is

click here

could someone please try it for me and see if they get the animated picture of the screen on the card.

At least then I'll know its probably my pc and not their website.

Many thanks,


  bof:) 09:38 08 Jul 2003


  bof:) 17:40 08 Jul 2003

hi All,

I've checked IE6 does not need a repair.
I've set security settings to factory default
I've turned off zone alarm and rebooted PC

and get the same result everytime I try to view an ecard on the above sit.

I've been on another pc to check if the site is working and it opens the cards as mine used to.

Any ideas please on why I cannot view the cards or download macromedia onto my pc???

Also run virus checker etc...all is clear.


  bof:) 17:40 08 Jul 2003


  bvw in bristol 19:57 08 Jul 2003

How to remove Flash Player from your computer:

1 Download the Macromedia Flash Player Uninstaller:

click here

Try installing again after the removal.

Good luck.

  bof:) 20:37 08 Jul 2003

Hi bvw in bristol,

I used the uninstaller, thanks for that. Then rebooted PC and went to and attempted to download macromedia again.

Unfortunatly it did not work for the same reasons as I've stated above.

If you have any other thoughts on why I cannot access this download and the ecards I use I would be evry pleased to hear them.

I'm getting a bit desperate now because there are several birthdays approaching and I'd really like to send ecards.

Thanks again,


  bof:) 20:37 08 Jul 2003


  bof:) 23:41 08 Jul 2003


  bvw in bristol 00:03 09 Jul 2003

2. My computer is not showing animation or JAVA cards. Why?
It's most likely your browser is not supporting these features. You need a JAVA-enabled browser to view our JAVA cards (like the latest versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer) . Also you'll automatically see animated images with Netscape 3.01 or above, or IE 3.02 or above.

bof:) have Java installed ok? (Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/ scroll down to Microsoft VM and JIT compiler is ticked)

As the site worked fine for you until recently something must have altered your machine settings?

(I'm on XP now by the way)

  easyrider66 00:20 09 Jul 2003

While I realise that this does not answer your question, it might solve your problem. Why not download and use another web browser, I use this click here and find it far superior to IE in many respects Hope this is of use.

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