Problem using TV as a Monitor

  olyman 12:36 24 May 2007

I bought a Philips 20" LCD with the intention of using it as a monitor as well as a TV. It has a DVI-I connection and I used a VGA to DVI adaptor I find that I cannot adjust the Display resolution. It wont budge from 640x480 which is useless as a monitor. The TV manual says to configure to 1024x768. There is a table of resolutions which indicates that WXGA is needed for the required resolution. The Philips Manual is not very forthcoming and neither is the web site.
I'm not sure what WXGA is or what my ASUS GeForce4200Ti graphics card VGA set up is.
Any suggestions before I return the set would be welcome.
Is this likely to be a problem with other LCD TVs?

  olyman 19:07 24 May 2007


  fitshase 19:24 24 May 2007

Are you outputting from Windows by selecting "TV"? If so, the resolution will be fixed at 640x480.

You need to set the TV up as a monitor in Windows then you will be able to adjust the resolution like any other monitor.

  olyman 23:27 24 May 2007

It is set up as a monitor by selecting PC in the TV's own menu but when I open the display settings for the desktop on the computer I can't change the resolution.
I dont have a TV output from my computer - not sure how I could select TV. I'm on XP Home. The TV is still connected to the aerial but I assume that the menu switch would eliminate any TV function from the TV tuner.

  woodchip 23:55 24 May 2007

I am running through a 32" LCD But I had to buy a new Graphics card with DVI out. i connected this to the HDMI socket on the TV. OK hear, but I have to set the resolution every time I use the Comp on it

  olyman 10:05 25 May 2007

I wish I could change the resolution but it's stuck at the lowest setting.
My graphics card has DVI out as well as VGA but I don't have A DVI cable so I'm using an adaptor. I'm reluctant to spend £50 at Maplins on the chance that a change of cable might work. The TV isn't HD.
I don't know what the significance of WXGA is and can't find the ASUS card spec on their site.

  Technotiger 10:44 25 May 2007
  olyman 10:50 25 May 2007

I made a mistake with pricing. I could get a cable for £20!
I'm going to borrow a DVI-I cable and try that. I'll report the results back.

  olyman 11:13 25 May 2007

Thanks Technotiger.
I didn't realise that the W in WXGA stood for wide screen which my TV isn't. The hopeless Philips manual is for more than one set. It seems that XGA is required but is that built into the graphics card or is it adjustable somehow.
It'll be evening before I can try anything further - I may be back.

  Technotiger 12:48 25 May 2007

XGA is 1024x768, I don't think your graphics card is up to it. You need to upgrade your graphics card.

  olyman 17:52 25 May 2007

It wasn't the graphics card that was the limitation (1280x1024 on my 17 "monitor)
After doing the research which I should have done before I parted with my money I found that the TV resolution was a measely 640x480. No mention of this in the manual, on the box, or on the Currys display. To say that this is suitable for use as a PC monitor is stretching the imagination but I find that most of the small LCD TVs with PC connections are in the same category. I had assumed that with decent LCD monitors now so cheap that small TVs would be of similar quality just with a tuner added. Naive of me!
I took the set back on got a refund and am now contemplating alternatives.
Thanks for the responses and sorry to waste your time.

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