Problem using login on a website I - Javascript ??

  Sue Tait 10:12 24 Nov 2008

I have been trying to use a website for landfinding - however I cannot get intot he site using my membership login - when I click on the submit button - nothing happens but in the bottom toolbar there is a long Javascript mesage concerning WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions - I have no idea what this means - I have spoken to the website people - they can log in at their end using my log in details no problem - so I am assuming that it is my PC that is the problem.

I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser (2.18)- I have ensured that the site is allowed in all aspects of this and also ZoneAlarm which is my firewall.

I have tried logging onto the site via IE and have adjusted security settings accordingly - but I still get the Javascript stuff at the bottom of the screen

I am using XP professional SP 3

Sue Tait

  brundle 11:42 24 Nov 2008

Java and Javascript are not the same thing;
click here

How do you connect? Router? Wired or wireless? Can you try with another PC?

  brundle 11:46 24 Nov 2008

The fact that it occurs in both Firefox and IE suggests a problem with Javascript itself or a router/firewall/internet connection issue but here are some things to try.

Javascript check;
click here

Javascript download; click here

Trouble shoot script errors; click here

  Sue Tait 13:13 24 Nov 2008

Thanks for all responses

I have tried everything suggested - alos downlaoded V 6 of Java but to no avail - problem still persits on both browsers.

I am connected by wire to the internet


Sue Tait

  brundle 13:17 24 Nov 2008

Java has nothing to do with Javascript, it won't fix a Javascript problem no matter what version you download. I don't install Java on any machine I look after and still use sites requiring Javascript with no problem.

Does the Javascript test work?
Have you re-installed Javascript from the 2nd link?

  Sue Tait 15:47 24 Nov 2008


Thanks Brundle again for responses - I did the tests you put in your reply - I went also for the download but my system told me that I had a more recent up date already so no point in downloading - so I went to the Java site an downloaded V6-10 - it hasn't made a haporth of difference though!!

I have also tried disabling bugging and then reversing that - to no avail - I may just have to do without the site because I am struggling even to understand what the problem is!!

Sue Tait

  Sue Tait 17:05 24 Nov 2008

I have tried some more - it is Zone Alarm that it stopping the login on my land finding website!!

However I can only use the website if I close down the Firewall - which is not acceptable - I had included the site into the privacy section of Zone Alarm and allowed cookies, pop-ups and java script (this usually works for me) but I don't know what else to do with Zone Alarm to make it accept

  Sue Tait 17:56 24 Nov 2008

Dear All

I have solved my problem

Whilst I had updated ZA to accept the site I could not get into - I was not aware that sometimes to ensure changes work I need to clean the cache (I have never actually done this before as updating sites so that they work had always worked for me!)

Anyway job done and I have 281mb more on my disk drive. Thanks for help in pointing into right area.

Sue Tait

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