Problem using dvd + r to copy with my mp5125a

  rick fuller 20:51 04 Jun 2003

I am trying to copy on to DVD + R using my Rioch MP5125a with nero 5.5 latest upgrade. Nero reports the dvd + r as having no room. I have tryed a number of discs form more than one manufacturer and get the same responce. Copying CDs has been event free using the same system and In CD words with CD-rw and DVD+rw.

  jimv7 22:18 04 Jun 2003

Download the latest update of and vision express from click here

  Despicable Desperado 22:27 04 Jun 2003

You could also see if there is a firmware update for your writer.

  billyliv 00:51 05 Jun 2003

Hi, This is where your system info would be advantageous. I have the same DVD+RW, use Nero and have no problems. I use a self built PC, 1.5 Ghz CPU, 256 Mb memory. I am off to bed now but a serious look at our settings would probably sort out the prob. I will note all my settings sometime later today, send them on to you and hopefully we can get you up and running. Cheers, Bill

  Despicable Desperado 01:09 05 Jun 2003

Is the drive still in warranty?

  rick fuller 11:02 05 Jun 2003

I have the latest nero and firmware but it still reads dvd+r as having no free space. It is in warrenty. My system is 1.2G celerium with 256 of memory.

  -pops- 11:10 05 Jun 2003

Ensure that the brand and grade of disk is suitable for your burner. DVD burners are very faddy about which disks they will write to.


  billyliv 13:06 05 Jun 2003

Hi, I have had a good look at the settings but I really can't see anything that would cause the said symptons. 2 things come to mind. Are you trying to copy Audio?. If so it will not do it. secondly I used to have a CD/RW that did the same thing with CD/Rs. What I had to do was go through the copying proccess until I got the dialogue box that said 'Not a recordable disc', without altering anything I opened the CD drawer and closed it again, on clicking OK it then came up with 'Recordable disc' Cheers, Bill

  rick fuller 20:33 09 Jun 2003

I have narrowed the problem to Nero as I have been able to use DVD X which uses a different burn driver Gearworks burn engine. DVD X is very expensive any alternatives whould be helpful or how to fix Nero?

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