Problem using Drive Image and Boot Magic

  Nosmas 19:03 07 Jul 2005

I have recently completely upgraded my system - new MBO (Matsonic MS8147C) and new WD 80GB HDD. I have installed XP (and SP2 and all MS Updates), Office 2000 Professional, Partition Magic v8.0, Boot Magic v8.0 and Drive Image 2002. As I wished to have a multi-boot system with W98SE and another copy of XP for testing purposes, with PM I created 3 Primary partitions and initially installed W98 on the first and XP on the second, and tested out BM to make sure I could boot into either partition successfully; I also created two separate partitions to hold my data files and any images made with DI.

When I had installed Office 2000, AVG v7.0 and Sygate PF and had got IE and OE working to my satisfaction, I used DI to make an image of the partition that I had labelled WXPMAIN. I then used DI to restore that image to the partition I had created to hold the copy of XP and which I had labelled WXPTEST. This though had the effect of changing the label from WXPTEST to WXPMAIN, so to avoid having two partitions with the same label I used PM to re-label it back to WXPTEST. When I tried to include this partition in the BM menu, BM issued an error message that BM was installed on two partitions and gave instructions to ‘fix’ the problem – i.e. for me to choose the partition on which BM was to remain active and BM then renamed the copy on the other partition.

I then re-booted and chose WXPTEST from the BM menu to boot into, but part way through booting into the second copy of XP a message briefly appeared on the monitor “autochk program not found – Skipping AUTOCHECK” and it immediately went back into the re-boot procedure. This means that I am unable to boot into the WXPTEST partition, but since that partition should contain an EXACT copy of the WXPMAIN I fail to understand why the ‘autochk’ program should be missing. A search for ‘autochk’ shows that ‘autochk.exe’ is held in 3 sub-folders of C:\Windows - \system32, \$NtServicpackUninstall$ and \ServicepackFiles\i386.

Can anyone please throw any light on this and/or suggest a ‘fix’ for the problem?

Also no matter which OS one chooses from the BM menu, a message appears “Disk boot sector is to be modified. Type ‘Y’ to accept, any key to abort”, accompanied by a rapid ‘ticking’ sound. Nothing of this is mentioned in the BM manual or Help, but since the message is ‘signed’ Award Software Inc I presume it is a function of the BIOS to issue this message. Please does anyone know of a means of ‘automatically’ answering with a ‘Y’? I ask this because if I schedule the making of an image of WXPMAIN overnight, because it is the ‘active’ OS, BM re-boots into DOS to make the image and then re-boots back into WXPMAIN and the re-boot cannot complete until the ‘Y’ answer is given – i.e. someone must be in attendance at that point.

  leo49 19:52 07 Jul 2005

You've made things unnecessarily difficult for yourself.

It would have been far better to have installed BM into the least used of your Dualboot - ie 98 - that way you wouldn't have had the Boot Magic problem.

You should also install PM and DI into the 98 OS as well as XP - then you can operate on the inactive XP OS whilst remaining in Windows.Can't understand why you want to schedule image-making - it only takes a few minutes.

I'm not surprised you're failing to boot into XPTest - XP seems to associate itself with sectors of the drive and doesn't like being restored to 'foreign' territory.

No idea re the last point - never encountered the problem.

  leo49 20:25 07 Jul 2005

One query:

What file system are you using for XP?

  Nosmas 21:32 07 Jul 2005

Thanks for both your responses. To answer your second first – I have formatted ALL the partitions I have created as FAT32.

I am a newbie when it comes to PM, BM and DI and am still going through a learning curve. I have tried to read up and assimilate as much knowledge as possible about each of them before venturing to put that into practice. From the PM User Guide I read that BM ‘…automatically selects the OS on the home partition (that is the partition on which BM is installed) as the system default.’ I now realise that if BM is installed into W98 I can still make WXPMAIN the default boot partition. So I am going to try an experiment by adopting your suggestions and: -

1. Uninstall BM from WXPMAIN and install it in W98SE

2. Delete the image I previously made

3. Delete the partition with the ‘unbootable’ XP and create a new partition

4. Using DI from W98 make a new image of WXPMAIN

5. Restore that image to the newly created partition.

Can you (or anyone else) see any problems with taking those steps?

  leo49 23:25 07 Jul 2005

That plan is what I would do - you'll find it so much easier using PM & DI to work on each inactive OS from the other OS.

I do have doubts as to whether you'll be able to 'restore'the image of XPMain to create a triple boot as I believe XP associates itself with HDD sectors so that when you restore it to the 'wrong' place confusion results and it won't boot - but you might be lucky and it'll be interesting to find out.

Ignore this if you've already worked it out, but to effect the 'transfer' of BM from XP to 98, you'll have to disble BM,uninstall in XP then using PM make 98 the active partition in order to reboot into 98 for the install and reconfiguration of BM.

  woodchip 23:37 07 Jul 2005

First mistake is! you made 3 Primary partitions. If these are on the same drive. You will have problems, as You can only have 1 Primary partition on a drive, others should be logical drives or extended partitions

  leo49 23:40 07 Jul 2005

You only have one ACTIVE Primary partition at any one time - that's the whole principle upon which Boot Magic/Partition Magic rests - the other Primary partition[s] are hidden.

  woodchip 23:46 07 Jul 2005

Quote "Also no matter which OS one chooses from the BM menu, a message appears “Disk boot sector is to be modified. Type ‘Y’ to accept, any key to abort”

Say's enough for me about partitions

  woodchip 23:51 07 Jul 2005

Quote "Also no matter which OS one chooses from the BM menu, a message appears "Disk boot sector is to be modified. Type ‘Y' to accept, any key to abort"

Say's enough for me about partitions

PS a Active Partition may be Hidden, but it's not when it's being accessed by a Program that wants to copy partition info. and that's what Drive Image does. also for a check in 98 see what Scandisk as to say or in XP Disc Check

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