Problem using desktop shortcuts with Firefox

  cas5090 20:01 24 Sep 2009


I have shortcuts on my desktop to my most used websites (eg a forum I run, Digital Spy, my son's college website).

No problem accessing them using IE but if I am using Firefox, my preferred browser, before the websites open up I get the error noise and a box opens with a big red cross and an error message sayin "Windows could not find the website "name of website" please check the name and try again.

The website does then open without me doing anything else. Its very frustrating having to close this box down every time and wondered if anyone could advise me how to stop it happening?

I am using Vista Home premium.


  Sea Urchin 20:11 24 Sep 2009

You need to make Firefox your default browser

  cas5090 20:19 24 Sep 2009

Hi, Sorry I should have made it clear, I have got Firefox as my default browser but if this problem cannot be resolved I'll have to go back to IE :(

If I dont close down the error box then I am unable to open anything else on my desktop as the whirly circle cursor just goes round and round until I shut it.

  Technotiger 21:08 24 Sep 2009

I use Firefox too. I keep Tabs for my sons two websites, as well as for PCA and my local Weather. All the tabs are ready for instant use each time I open Firefox. You could do the same, I guess.

  Sea Urchin 21:32 24 Sep 2009

Have you tried remaking the desktop links? As Technotiger says I would think that either using tabs or links on the FF toolbar would be far more efficient. Otherwise you presumably have to close FF each time you want to go to a different link.

  cocteau48 21:37 24 Sep 2009

An alternative to Technotigers tabs is to use Speed Dial click here
Make the Speed Dial page your homepage and everything is ready to go as soon as you open Firefox.

  cas5090 21:56 24 Sep 2009

Great advice there, thanks everyone who has taken the trouble to answer. I'll have a look tomorrow and see what seems the easiest option for me, cheers.

  ambra4 00:36 25 Sep 2009

Try Smart Bookmarks Bar 1.4.3 it allow you to instantly open sites or contact without searching

the bookmark folder

click here

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