Problem with User Accounts

  alfredgerald 13:25 22 Jun 2007

Have created a new account called Test. Transfered required folders and then renamed. The new name appears as a user but when I go into C:Documents and Settings it still appears as Test.
I have tried to rename it but when I do the new account name disappears. Any thoughts?

  brundle 13:37 22 Jun 2007

That's just the way it works, as you have seen you can rename an account as many times as you like but Windows still refers to it by the name you chose at first (internally/file structure).

  Eric10 13:38 22 Jun 2007

This is because a user's area is protected by Windows.

From Microsoft's web site -
Because it retains its security identifier (SID), a renamed user account retains all its other properties, such as its description, password, group memberships, user environment profile, account information, and any assigned permissions and rights. -

I think the easiest way is to start again with the account name that you want to use then transfer your files and folders into that.

  alfredgerald 13:39 22 Jun 2007

Thanks guys

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