Problem upgrading to XP from ME

  Bucko1 11:31 18 May 2006

I am upgrading my 2nd computer from Me to XP and I bought an OEM version of XP.
I have wiped Me from the HD and repartitioned the drive using Maxblaster.
I boot to the XP cd and it begins the installation:
I get a screen saying "Set Up is Loading Files, then another screen says "Set Up is Loading Windows"
It then says "Processing Information File" and then my computer suddenly turns itself off.

Has anyone any idea why it is doing this?
It also did it before I repartioned the drive and I wondered if it was seeing Me and refusing to install, as it says on the box that it should be used for a new system only.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know

  Totally-braindead 11:39 18 May 2006

Try starting from the XP CD and formatting the C drive from the XP CD. Then install.

  Bucko1 11:41 18 May 2006

How can I do this if the xp CD won't get as far as the formatting screen??

  Totally-braindead 11:46 18 May 2006

Sorry I misread what you said, I thought it got past the initial screen and got as far as trying to load windows.

  ventanas 11:47 18 May 2006

You've bought an OEM copy of XP. click here

You cannot use this with an existing computer. You must buy a full retail copy.

  Bucko1 12:00 18 May 2006

It is technically a new build and I bought the OEM version with the required components. Its just that I am using the case and the hard drive from the 2nd computer.

  Bucko1 12:20 18 May 2006

Do you think formatting the HD drive using Fdisk would make it into a new drive?

  ed-0 12:22 18 May 2006

" I have wiped Me from the HD and repartitioned the drive using Maxblaster."

It may be that maxblast is causing a problem. have you partitioned in fat32? If so, download a 98se boot disk from click here. Run fdisk and delete all partitions and set just one partition. Set that partition to active. Reboot with the windows XP oem disk in and start the installation again.

Format and repartition if the OS loads.

Could you post the specification of you cpu > memory > hard drive.

  ed-0 12:23 18 May 2006

cross posted.

Yes fdisk the drive.

  ventanas 13:49 18 May 2006

I think you may have missed the vital point in my link

"It is now very simple and straightforward: an OEM license must be sold "only with a fully assembled computer system." Loophole closed."

The option to buy OEM with certain components no longer exists. Your problems may start when you try to activate. If the key is already on Microsofts known list it will fail. But if it passes this it will almost certainly fail the validation when you try to get the updates.

  Bucko1 14:00 18 May 2006

If that's the case. why are e-buyer still selling them with certain components? I only purchased it last week.

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