Problem Updating to New Version of AVG

  micemews 19:47 02 Apr 2007

My friend has been running AVG until recently with no problems. But when she tried to update it to the latest version the update failed. She then tried to install the new version but that failed also. She tried to uninstall AVG but got a message saying that application could not run. However each time she starts her computer a message states that AVG cannot run. She has tried to uninstall AVG using ccleaner, but that doesnt work either.

Can anyone suggest how to resolve this problem please.

  Belatucadrus 22:55 02 Apr 2007

Try running the uninstaller in safe mode.
Instructions for getting to safe mode :
Restart the PC
When you see the message "Please select the operating system to start", press F8.

  zincy 23:04 02 Apr 2007

i had a similar problem too, although i never found a solution to it
see my link

click here

  birdface 08:52 03 Apr 2007

On the quick start make sure that AVG is not running,It will not delete if still running.Then go into Add Remove,And remove it from there,Then run C Cleaner,Then reinstall.

  micemews 12:58 03 Apr 2007

Thanks all for your very prompt responses to my question. I will not be seeing my friend until Wednesday, so I will not be able to see if any of your suggestions solve the problem. However could I please ask Buteman how do I access quick start and then how do I find out if AVG is running ?

  birdface 14:14 03 Apr 2007

It will be on the little Icons bottom right hand side beside the clock,

  birdface 14:21 03 Apr 2007

Or ,Start,Run,Type in, msconfig then ok,Go to Start up top right hand side.Any programs on there starting with AVG untick them,Then press apply,When you restart computer a box will appear click the little box on left hand side and press ok.

  Elderslie 15:01 03 Apr 2007

Even after uninstalling AVG you'll find umpteen files with 'Search' and you'll have the devil's own job getting rid of all those. But persevere and you'll eventually get rid of it!
Whether they'll let you reinstall at a later date I can't say.

  micemews 15:23 03 Apr 2007

Thanks again for responding. As I said I won't be able to 'have a go' at this until tomorrow. There is no AVG icon in the bar next to the clock, but every time on startup a message appears saying 'Could not initialise AVG Anti Virus -Application Cannot Run.' And as Elderslie quite rightly says I did notice on 'search' about a dozen AVG files even though I had tried to uninstall it. I will try again to uninstall it in safe mode and then delete any files remaining in 'search' and hope it works. Thanks again for your help.

  micemews 10:05 05 Apr 2007

I tried to uninstall AVG in safe mode but it failed again. In 'search' I found about 40 files relating to AVG. If I manually delete them in 'search' is it possible that this would remove AVG completely (hopefully), or could it make the problem worse. I would much appreciate any thoughts anyone may have.

  Belatucadrus 11:27 05 Apr 2007

Well it's unlikely to make things worse, I'd be tempted to delete all the files you mentioned then run a registry cleaner click here . Then either try to install AVG again or forget it and use avast! click here , Antivir click here or maybe Comodo click here .
Comodo is a bit of an outsider, still a beta and not ICSA or VirusBulletin rated, I've been testing it for some time and it works very nicely.

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