Problem updating bios in xp.

  dagwoood 19:18 17 Apr 2004

Please read the following:

How to flash mainboard AMI BIOS?

Step 1. Download the Flash utility (e.g.: AMINF336.exe) and BIOS from our web site.

Step 2. Under pure Dos mode (C: or A:), key in the name of BIOS flash utility and BIOS name.
Example (M922L) :
C:\>AMINF336.exe 020808s.rom Enter>

You can see the following message:
Chipset type - VIA P4X266/8233
Flash Part - Winbond 49F002U
Old BIOS - Release 02/15/2002 New BIOS - Release 03/15/2002
Old BIOS Tag is M922L> -- New BIOS Tag is M922L>
The BIOS ROM file is correct.
Press [Enter] key to continue or [Esc] key to abort.

Step 3. Press [Enter] key to update your BIOS (system will auto restart)
or Press [ESC] key return to DOS mode.

The problem is, as I undestand it, in xp you can't use access pure dos.

Does anyone have any idea how I get round this?
Also, how do I create a back up of my current dos? Can I go into floppy drive format and create a ms dos start up disk?

Any help appreciated.


  Diodorus Siculus 19:46 17 Apr 2004

You need to boot using a boot disk, eg one from (a standard win98 disk is fine) and have another floppy with the BIOS upgrade on it.

But a word of warning: only blash the BIOS if it is vital that you do so. It is getting easier and more reliable these days, but nonetheless, not a procedure to be lightly undertaken.

  Eric10 19:49 17 Apr 2004

You can download a suitable boot disk from click here. Get the DrDOS 7.x for BIOS Flashing file. When you have downloaded it, run the program and it will create a bootable floppy for you. Copy your AMINF336.exe and the BIOS file to this floppy and boot from it. You may need to change the boot order of drives in your BIOS to make the PC boot from floppy first.

click here for help on how to do it.

I repeat the above warning. Do not take bios flashing lightly and don't do it unless you have a real problem to overcome.

  dagwoood 19:51 17 Apr 2004

Thank you.

Is a boot disk the same as a ms dos start up disk?


  Mikè 19:54 17 Apr 2004

In xp if you right click the floppy in my computer and go to format/create an ms-dos startup disk this will be bootable.

  Mikè 19:56 17 Apr 2004

Once you have booted into ms-dos run your AMINF336.exe from the A prompt.

  Eric10 20:00 17 Apr 2004

[quote] Is a boot disk the same as a ms dos start up disk? [/quote]

It is basically the same but for Bios flashing it shouldn't load any drivers or Ram drives which could interfere with the flashing process.
With an existing boot disk the easiest way to do this is to rename Config.sys and Autoexec.bat with a .old extension so that they don't run as this is where any drivers are loaded.

  dagwoood 20:15 17 Apr 2004

Thanks guys.

(Eric 10, I can't create a boot disk using DrDos 7.x as I don't have a cdrw drive).

So, to recap, I create a ms dos start up disk, alter my bios to boot from the floppy, turn my system off, re-boot with start up disk in floppy, change the prompt to A, insert disk with AMINF336.exe on(and the bios version),...then what?

(I am new to all this).

Also how do I take a copy of my current bios?

Thanks a lot, dagwoood.

  ade.h 20:29 17 Apr 2004

Unfortunately, you can't; hence the above warnings.

As to your 2nd question; the exe file will take care of the flashing process by itself.

  dagwoood 20:39 17 Apr 2004

Thanks for that. As to whether I need to flash the bios, I've just installed a graphics card and want to set it to "fast write" but my current bios version doesn't allow me to enable this function.

Thank you everyone.

  dagwoood 15:24 18 Apr 2004

Everything went as according to plan. I'm still here!!

Thank you everyone for the help/advice, it was really needed and appreciated.

Cheers, dagwoood.

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