Problem updating bios!

  AleFerTai 02:11 02 Mar 2004

Iam having problems updating my bios. 1. My floppy drive would not format a new floppy disc. a. So therefore would not create a recovery disc for me. 2. what is the correct procedure to update my bios?

  hugh-265156 03:55 02 Mar 2004

was the floppy write protected maybe(move the little tab on the disk)

a floppy start up disk will not save you if a bios flash goes wrong.its dead motherboard time.

most bios updates are downloaded to a floppy disk and then you would have to set the floppy drive as the first boot device and boot from it to flash the bios.some new boards you can even flash the bios from within windows itself.

you will first need to know the EXACT make and model no.of your motherboard and download the EXACT bios update for it.the motherboard manufacturers website should have all the info you need to do this.

can i ask why you want to flash the bios?its usually only nesessary if installing very new hardware in an older system that otherwise would not work without updating the bios like a very large hard drive that isnt recognised properly for example.

  hugh-265156 04:43 02 Mar 2004


are you by any chance wanting to update your bios because your hoping it may fix click here

updating your motherboard chipset drivers would be better to try in my opinion maybe.i cant see a bios update fixing this.

  961 09:16 02 Mar 2004

Unless there is a very specific reason that makes it necessary to update your bios.....

don't do it

  AleFerTai 03:23 03 Mar 2004

Yes i was hoping that by updating my bios would elp solve my Ghost Recon Issue. Ubi soft still hasnt figured out what the problem is
they have only suggested updating my divers for my video and sound cards, which I have done. and I have recentley reinstalled an older version of drivers for my video card per suggestion from the last post yesterday. Which has not helped.
So I will not update or attempt to update bios if it is not neccesary. Any other suggestions on my Ghost recon issue would be greatly appreciated.

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