problem trying to re-install ME

  fullywired23 16:42 20 Jul 2003

I have two H/Drives in my computer one 45gb and one 80gb .I have two operating systems on the 45gb both XP and Xp on the 80gb I tried to install ME on c: partition on the 45gb so I formatted C: using P/magic7 and then changed the boot order in bios to floppy ,then tried to boot with the floppy boot disk for ME but all I9 got was "invalid disk insert different disk and strike any key" after trying several things I was forced to install XP again because I could not get to boot manager to boot the other O/s.But now when I boot up it boots straight to the C:drive ,without giving me the choice of choosing. How do I solve this problem??? (both of them)
regards viejo

  crx1600 17:27 20 Jul 2003

install 'bootmagic' from the PM CD, and create the 'rescue disk' when promted.

bootmagic will see all bootable partitions, and gives you the option of adding as many of them as required into its boot menu.

to install an OS, bootmagic will need to be uninstalled first, then boot from the rescue floppy you created, this lets you set 1 bootable partition on disk1 as active, and that will be the only partition windows will boot into.

  fullywired23 19:26 21 Jul 2003

Thanks for the reply .I tried P/magic.But got into all kinds of trouble,I couldn't boot up at all.The p.o.s,t never completed,it stoppd before the boot sequence with the message"NTLDR is missing ,press Ctrl,Alt,and Delete to restart"but when I did this it just stopped again with the same message,Iwas left with no alternative but to insert the XP disc and format and install Xp again,which has got me back online but has not solved my problem,because it still boots to C: without giving me the choice of booting to the other drives.
Do you know what NTLDR stands for because I haven't a clue ?
Regards viejo

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