problem trying to clone hdd

  sunny staines 22:16 29 May 2007

Need a bit of help here just fitted a 2nd hdd setup a primary partition of 50g [is a seagate 250g hdd] using seagate acronis seagatedisk wizard
i have set my c drive to be cloned then when i set the new partition my H drive it wants to copy the clone to the unallocated 183bg free space and not the 50g partition. any advice on how to clone my drive over please, if i delete this H partiotion it wants to clone to the whole 250 drive without allowing the option to set the size. is it me or the software is poor.

  sunny staines 23:11 29 May 2007

end resort would be revert back to norton ghost9. [did not want togo back to system works as just unistalled it and replaced with better [free] software,but looks like this seagate acronis diskwizard is very basic unless i missed something.

  Diversion 23:58 29 May 2007

Has the 50 gig partition got a letter allocated to it? If so allocate to that letter otherwise it chooses the biggest drive available. I’m not up on Acronis as I use Drive Image by Powerquest, and I use Partition Magic also from Powerquest. If your Seagate Wizard disk works like my Maxtor Wizard for my Maxtor drive it should form partitions that are already formatted. Your cloning program should give you the option of which partition that you want to use, like me I’ve got a 60GB primary and 400GB secondary drive and 6 partitions C D E F G and J and my other drives go to the letter L. It should give you the option to choose E drive if that’s the letter of your 50 gig partition, that’s the way drive image works anyway and I would have thought that Acronis would work the same way. I hope this helps.

  sunny staines 08:29 30 May 2007

thanks for the reply, i might try the maxtor tools see if they help as they are compatable.

  Quiet Life 12:58 30 May 2007

xxclone click here is free and does what you want to do. I have had no problems with it.

  sunny staines 14:03 30 May 2007

my new drive turned out to be faulty as well seagate tools showed as "DST FAIL" going back to novatech tomorrow, replacement due next week

  nagonlouse 15:44 30 May 2007

Hi all,
I have a 300 GB hard disk that has Windows XP home on it plus all files and folders amounting to approx 10 GB, it is not partitioned and would like to Clone it to an external hard disk that is partitioned into 4 x100 GB approx partitions. I have tried using acronis TI and it rejects the clone saying, ` not enough space on partition on destination HD`. There is no data on any of the 4 x 100GB partitions. Does the destination Drive have to be the same size as the source drive. Thanks all.

  nagonlouse 15:45 30 May 2007

Sorry to all should have been posted as new Thread.

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