Problem with Technika MP-807 4GB MP3 Player

  MishBrownstone 18:46 15 Apr 2008

I have recently wiped everything off of my Technika MP-807 4GB MP3 player. I must have deleted an important file or something as it will now turn on, but will only stay on the Technika welcome screen and will go no further. I can't even get into the Menu to restore factory settings. I have tried to get it to connect back up to the laptop to see if I can restore the files but it isn't being recognised as a device anymore.

Does anybody know what I can do? Is my MP3 player now only bin-worthy?

All answers appreciated x

  MAT ALAN 18:52 15 Apr 2008

As it does not have a rechargeable power supply changing the battery/s might help...

  MishBrownstone 18:54 15 Apr 2008

Nah the batteries in it are brand new...
I checked all of that first.

  Stuartli 21:33 15 Apr 2008

Try it in different USB ports. If you are using XP, it should detect the device and Find New Hardware.

Don't know if it will use this similar model's driver:

click here

Technika products seem to generally be rebadged products from other manufacturers (Yamarda, Philix etc), so finding one that's the same as yours could be useful...:-)

  lindiloo146 13:05 30 Apr 2008

how can i charge the technika mp player

  Stuartli 13:35 30 Apr 2008

You shouldn't high jack a thread - please start your own.

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