Problem with syncing sony ereader

  kimtrnc 18:01 19 Feb 2011

Can anyone help, please. It seems to be impossible to sync from computer to Sony ereader.I plug in the reader - the screen lights and says "do not disconnect"......and that is as far as it ever goes. Any ideas, please?

  BRYNIT 18:31 19 Feb 2011

Could just be a glitch.

Have you tried rebooting your computer before plugging in the ereader and switching it on.

  MAJ 18:37 19 Feb 2011

This might help. click here

  Woolwell 19:47 19 Feb 2011

Your Reader Library software should launch when you connect your e-reader. Under All Programs you should find Reader - Reader Library. Open Reader Library and check under Edit - Preferences that Launch Reader Library when reader device is connected is ticked.
Otherwise start your Library software first then connect the E-Reader.

I have had absolutely no snags with it.

  Woolwell 19:49 19 Feb 2011

Ps the Latest version of the libary is

  kimtrnc 06:50 20 Feb 2011

Thanks for the advice,guys, but I've done all that. As soon as I plug the Sony in, it goes to a graphic of the plug-in lead and tells me not to disconnect. It then - apparently - does nothing, despite leaving it plugged in for many hours. I did try uninstalling & re-downloading the software, to no avail.
I can see my downloaded books in the reader window, but can never proceed any further.
The books which came from the package - all of course out of copyright - are good, but I would now like to read some more modern stuff!

  Woolwell 07:50 20 Feb 2011

Are you saying that the reader software on your pc is able to see the books on the ereader? If so the reader is talking to the pc. You download books to your pc and then it syncs. The reader just shows connected, nothing else.

  kimtrnc 08:11 20 Feb 2011

Werewell, yes, the reader software on the PC shows the stuff I have downloaded - but the Sony Reader just goes into endless turning circle, and never actually manages to place the book in the listing on the Sony itself

  Woolwell 13:46 20 Feb 2011

I am confused. Let's separate the ereader hardware and the Reader software. When you connect the ereader to the PC it should show a symbol of a usb connection and the words do not disconnect. It stays like that until you disconnect or close the software. When you disconnect you get a circle with the words loading at the bottom on the reader. This is updating the reader's display and can take a little while.

The Reader software on your PC will show what is on you reader and what is on your PC. and next to Reader should have a little symbol to disconnect.
If you expand the Reader heading on the software it will show all the books on the reader hardware. Does your system show this? If it does then the reader is correctly connected.
There is also a status line and opening this up will show the progress of any download from a store and the sync with the reader itself. Have you downloaded any epub books?

  kimtrnc 17:06 20 Feb 2011

Right...from the beginning. I installed the Reader software and was able to download the free classic books. These show on the reader itself, but not on the software.(I have tried deleting this software and installing it again)I gave up trying to download PDF and other book types.

When I download an epub file to reader software it generally does not show up at all, although it does show on the computer itself when I have managed to download something. One book, and one book only synced to the Reader. I should say that I have used computers since as far back as DOS, via Vic 20, Amstrad (with two operating systems on the same PC!) etc etc. But now I am feeling totally stupid, and close to chucking the expensive Sony Reader into the nearest pond!

  Woolwell 17:51 20 Feb 2011

They should show on the software as being on your pc and on the reader and with mine I read them on the pc with the reader disconnected. There is obviously something very strange happening with the reader software. You've done the obvious and uninstalled and re-installed.

On my pc all the books are in Documents - My Books - Reader Library. Are yours there?
I wonder if you can drag and drop from there to the reader? The reader's library shows up under Computer as an external drive an I can open it and navigate to the books folder under database - media - books.

Otherwise suggest you contact Sony or ask on their forum click here

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