Problem with startup with windows xp

  eloiselewis 18:52 05 Nov 2005

was having problems with dvd drive, kept going missing from 'my computer'. tried uninstalling the drive and restarted computer but now cannot start up, just goes onto a black screen with writing - "PXE-E61: MEDIA TEST FAILURE, CHECK CABLE. PXE-M0F: EXITING PXE ROM"

Please can anyone help?? I am clueless!!!

Thank you!

  woodchip 19:00 05 Nov 2005

Take side of computer and check the Data Cable plug on the drive and Motherboard are pushed full on if that does not work try a new cable

  Actor One 19:05 05 Nov 2005

This is from another site from someone that had the same problem - though first things first, check the obvious, - cables, connectors, etc.

Set the hard disks (and all other IDE devices e.g. CDROM) to the cable select position.
Put the drive you want as master on the end of the cable furthest from the motherboard.
Set AUTO for the first device on the first channel in the bios.
If you have no second device on the first IDE channel, set it to NONE.
If you do have a second hard drive, put it on the remaining connector and set the bios to AUTO for that device.
Set the NIC to "ON (PXE off)", and remove the PXE boot from the boot sequence.

  eloiselewis 19:08 05 Nov 2005

umm what is a Data Cable? sorry! The dvd drive is an internal device by the way

  woodchip 19:11 05 Nov 2005

It may be a Flat multi wire cable but it could be a round one, if it's not been opened I would say it's flat wire fourty or eighty wire cable connected to the DVD drive you will also see a four wire plug this is for power and will not be the problem

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