Problem with startup

  SB23 15:49 18 Jul 2006

A neighbour has just asked me about the problem she has with her pc.
It all started with a missing file last week. I suggested that she repair her OS with her disc, but that doesn't work as it will not recognise it. I then thought about a bootable disc, but she doesn't have one.
Today, she has informed me that it will not startup at all, well it does, but doesn't do much.
What does she do now, is a total reformat the only way forward, and would that work?
I'm out of my depth, please help.

Thanks in advance


  ArrGee 16:25 18 Jul 2006

If she has the full os on a recovery disc, then I would suggest a full re-format using DBAN (click here) This can be loaded onto a bootable floppy or cd. After this, re-install the os. I've used this procedure a good number of times and has always worked. But before doing this, it would be useful to know the full specs of the machine (make/model)

  Mit123 16:30 18 Jul 2006

can she acess her computer in safe mode? if so i would advise her to back up all her info , just in case of any major changes to the computer.

  SB23 17:45 18 Jul 2006

I've not got any specs I'm afraid, I think its an old machine, but she did say that it was running XP ok, well, until now.
I don't understand why the drive doesn't recognise her disc?

  VoG II 17:50 18 Jul 2006

You need to set the BIOS to boot from the CD drive click here

  SB23 17:54 18 Jul 2006

Forgot that one, must be the heat!

  SB23 14:18 26 Jul 2006

Sorry its beeen a few days, but problem all sorted.
I did as VoG™ suggested, (and I'd forgotten about), changed the boot sequence, put cd in, and hey presto, did a reformat, and install.
For some reason it wouldn't let me repair the Windows installation, but my neighbour is happy, as her pc is up and running again, and it'll keep her kids happy for the summer.

Thanks all


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