Problem with signing on to a message board!!!

  Sabi 22:33 03 Dec 2006


I am a member of a message board which I haven’t used for sometimes. Few days ago I decided to go on it again. I opened their page and clicked on “sign in” which opened a blank page with only two sentences on it:

“OBJECT MOVED” ‘This object may be found HERE’

When I clicked on 'HERE', it took me back to the same place as I was before to “sign in”!! I tried this several times for several days with no success!

Although I’ve allowed 3rd party cookies for that site in “Privacy” of my ZAISS but it still didn’t work! I have contacted the C/S of the site who have said that I am still a member with active profile. They say there is no problem from their side but it’s from mine!

I will be most grateful if you had similar experience or know a solution to my problem.
Many thanks

PS: I use WXP, ZAISS, Ad-Aware

  chocolate cake 22:41 03 Dec 2006

How is your ZA configured? If you've set the cookie controls too high then you possibly won't get in.

  skidzy 22:42 03 Dec 2006

Is this within IE7

Try Firefox click here

If it works in FF we now know it could be an IE problem and can address this.

  Sabi 22:54 03 Dec 2006

Thanks for your replies

Chocolate Cake;

I am not sure about ZZ config. If that is set too high then how am I able to post on this site???


I don't have IE7 yet!! I am curious to know what Fire fox do for my problem??

Many thanks


  skidzy 22:56 03 Dec 2006

Firefox is another browser like Internet explore 6/7 etc.

If you can login to your message board via Firefox,i would quite confidently say a setting in IE needs changing.

  Sabi 22:59 03 Dec 2006


Can you please guide me how to change the setting in IE?
And again; how come I can access this site and other forum easily but not the one in question???

Sabi :-(

  skidzy 23:01 03 Dec 2006

Can you at least try FF first to diagnose if IE is the problem,then we need to check Zonealarm and I settings.

  skidzy 23:01 03 Dec 2006

IE settings...sorry typo:

  skidzy 23:02 03 Dec 2006

Just a quick thought,try clearing your cache of temp files and cookies.

Run this on its default settings Ccleaner click here

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