Problem shutting down Win 98 SE

  so3003 21:32 04 Apr 2004

Hi everyone

Recently started getting problems shutting down my computer - when I go to start -> shut down, I get a "program not responding" error for a blank name program (ie doesn't give a name), and it occasionally doesn't end task when I ask it to (locks up if I choose this).

When I get beyond this and the icons etc all disappear, I then get an illegal operation message for every program that has been running, and when I OK them all it eventually shuts down.

Problem is that a) I'm not convinced all is well if this is happening all the time, and b) quite often it just locks up and I need to switch off manually which can't be too good for my hard disk etc.

Any suggestions?


  deadneat 22:17 04 Apr 2004

Yer click here
Hope this helps

  Dumble452 23:35 04 Apr 2004

add to postings

  so3003 23:39 04 Apr 2004

I don't follow?

  deadneat 20:37 05 Apr 2004

click here . I dont understand either. Why not click link and add to favorites? Have u got this sorted now?

  Quiller. 21:40 05 Apr 2004

This may also be of use.
click here

  woodchip 21:52 05 Apr 2004

Why not go to Start\Run and type MSCONFIG go to startup tab and remove all the tick’s except AV and Firewall and System Tray then try your computer. You can put the above back one at a time until you find the problem Program

  so3003 12:46 06 Apr 2004

Still trying to sort this out, but thanks for the help so far. I'm going to try out woodchip's suggestion next, which is similar to something suggested on the Win98 Shutdown Help Page that's also been linked to here.

I'll keep you posted!


  Stuartli 14:23 06 Apr 2004

You probably require the Windows 98 Shutdown patch.

Here's some threads on this subject:

click here

click here

click here

click here

  scotty 15:22 06 Apr 2004

If the problem has occurred on a pc which has been shutting down normally and has not had new software added, you may benefit from a bit of routine maintenance. Try deleting unnecessary files (e.g. temporary internet files) and then defragmenting the hard drive.

  The Belarussian Mafia 16:08 06 Apr 2004

Just a note to say that woodchip's solution is good for finding the culprit programme, but if you are tempted to leave some items in the startup group disabled permanently, bear in mind that this in itself can cause problems when you start up. (It can cause one or more items to load incredibly slowly and even cause crashes on startup.) Best long-term solution is to completely avoid/replace any programmes that cause problems at startup. They are not worth the bother.

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