Problem with shockwave plugin

  Flak999 13:24 12 Mar 2011

Is anybody else having the same problem? I am running Chrome on an XP sp3 installation and since last night when viewing this site amongst others I get the message at the top of the screen saying the shockwave plugin has crashed.

I have viewed the same sites with IE7 and there is no problem everything works as it should, is this therefore just a chrome problem?

  stormrider123 13:31 12 Mar 2011

i hve been having the same problem since last night i tried reinstalling chrome and shockwave plugin but no avail so until its sorted out im just using Firefox but if not you should try and reinstall chrome and/or shockwave plugin to see if that helps

  stormrider123 13:32 12 Mar 2011

Oh and sorry forgot to actually answer your question im not really sure but yh i think its just with chrome becuase IE7 IE8 and Firefox e.g seem to handle the site fine

  Flak999 14:08 12 Mar 2011

Thanks for the reply, I thought it was a chrome problem. Will wait to see if they fix it.

  Nuneatonian 19:45 14 Mar 2011

Hi all
I have got the same problem with Chrome,shockwave crashing. I have Vista I reinstalled it and it didn't do any good. So have uninstalled it. Did try to install firefox but when i tried to download it, I had trouble, the download box came up, looked as if it was downloading and at the end there was nothing there. Do prefer Chrome as it is quicker. Am using IE but its too slow.

  Flak999 21:16 14 Mar 2011

a general problem with the new version of Chrome. There is quite a discussion about this at click here

I have tried all of the suggested remedies but the problem remains. Guess we will just have to wait for Google or Adobe to issue a fix!

It's not happening in IE7 so I would say it is definitely a Chrome issue only.

  Flak999 21:20 14 Mar 2011
  Flak999 17:18 12 Apr 2011

Further to this problem, it would appear the problem lies with those people who are running Trusteer Rapport security software with Google Chrome. See this link Chrome Shockwave problems I have downloaded the Rapport update and the problem seems to be solved.

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