Problem with setting up 2 networks plz help

  goose1984 18:07 05 Aug 2005

Hiya all,

I have just got my Wanadoo Wireless and Talk box and everything works and its great but there is one problem it clashes with my other network because it’s on the same IP range I believe (192.168). So I changed the details of my router but when both network connections are enabled on my PC I successfully connect and get an IP via the DCHP server on the different routers but both network connections don’t work. So the internet does not work when the connection to the DLink router is enabled and I can not access the DLink router when the internet connection is enabled. Both connections work when only one is enabled.

I am connecting to the Wanadoo box via a DLink wireless dongle (DWL-G122) and I am connecting to the router directly by cat 5 cable.

Are the details right or should I change something?

Here are the following details of the Live box:

LAN IP Address:
Broadcast LAN Address:
Subnet Mask:
DCHP Start Address:
DCHP End Address:

Here are the following details of the D-Link DI-524 router:

Router IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
DCHP Start Address:
DCHP End Address:

If the details are right what else can I try to have both networks up and running at the same time?


  LastChip 18:41 05 Aug 2005

I think I understand what you mean, but I need a clearer view of just how your network is set-up and what you are trying to achieve.

It appears at "first read" you are attempting to use two routers for effectively the same job. To try and use two DHCP servers is always a nightmare. You are inevitably going to get conflicts.

Think of it like this, your IP address is just like the number or name on your front door. A postman brings a letter for you, but on it are two different addresses. Which one does he deliver it to?

  goose1984 19:21 05 Aug 2005

ok sorry I feel like an idot. your right i am using 2 routers and the job can be done by one. lol cheers

  LastChip 20:53 05 Aug 2005

I hope it helped.

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