A problem with SCSI/IDE bus. Please HELP

  murgle 12:15 13 Mar 2005


I'm having a few problems with my pc freezing. This usually occurs when running a game called "Virtual Sailor" or when I try creating a VCD. I've tried sonic mydvd, nero and a few others and after a few minutes of burning, my computer freezes.

I have noticed that nero spends a good 3 minutes searching for a SCSI/IDE bus before the program opens. A friend has a similar computer with nero, but his opens up straight away.

I also subscribe to driver update site and that keeps telling me that I need to update SCSI/IDE bus. Everytime I do this it wont install.

Is the SCSI/IDE bus causing me the problems. What is SCSI/IDE bus and why does nero and the driver update tool have a problem with it.

Any help appreciated.

  Fingees 12:27 13 Mar 2005

You don't say what operating system you are using.
If it's XP.
Go to control panel, System, Hardware, Device manager.

Make sure your DVD/CD rom drive is listed, and there are no excamation marks or Question marks.
Likewise check IDE/Atapi controllers for same.


  murgle 12:39 13 Mar 2005

It's Windows XP Pro

  Storik 12:44 13 Mar 2005

are two different methods of connecting hard drives, CD-ROM drives etc to your computer.

The correct term for SCSI, is something like small computer ..? interface and was somewhat faster than IDE.

Presumably your CD-ROM/DVD drive is IDE? - Check the settings in the BIOS (I would think these are ok) and physically check that both the cables - ribbon/round cable and power cable are connected properly. (Although, again, sounds as if they are)

Did you install the software on your PC? If so, did you install the drivers on the motherboard support CD? There will be, I think, IDE drivers on there, which should automatically install.

Other than that I think Fingees just about covers everything else.


  murgle 12:58 13 Mar 2005

Checked everything you suggested and all looks fine.

Going in to the bios is a little over my depth. I did originally install the software and the IDE.

Could this problem also have something to do with "Virtual Sailor" crashing.


  Storik 19:50 13 Mar 2005

if any game causes problems with my computer, I give it the old heave ho! However, some games overwrite Windows files, and it might be worthwhile, trying a repair job, via you Windows installation disk. What do you think?

Regarding the BIOS - this isn't rocket science honestly. Press DELETE when your machine is booting and it should bring you into the main BIOS screen.

On it will be date, time, Primary Master, Primary Slave, Secondary Master and Secondary Slave etc.
You don't have to change anything, but just check that your CD-ROM drive is there, and in the little (----) alongside it, it says "Auto" for example. To exit the BIOS just press "Escape". You will get an option to save or not. Providing you haven't done anything drastic, press "Y" and your machine will reboot.

The only thing to remember about the BIOS is do NOT change anything unless you understand what you are doing.


  murgle 21:18 13 Mar 2005

I tried doing a repair, but a warningcam up to say that the winows XP installed is a newer version than on the cd so couldn't I couldn't repair.

I'll check the BIOS in the morning as I am uploading my webiste for the next few hours.

Thanks for you help so far.

  Storik 15:45 15 Mar 2005

Just a quick observation.

When using the Windows XP installation CD, or any other of the Window's operating systems, it is quite common to get the "installed file is newer than the one you are trying to install" (or something similar) - I think, but am not sure, that this is because the date of the installed file will be the date you installed it on your computer. Thus it will appear to be a later version.

Anyone with another explanation, please feel free to comment.


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