Problem Saving Files in Windows 7

  ACOLYTE 00:26 11 Mar 2011

Wierd problem this,i wont to open a file in notepad edit it and save,but when i have finished and go to save,i get a popup telling me i dont have permission to save in this location,and i should contact the admin to obtain permission,i am running an admin account,but it still doesnt let me save an edited file,anyone now how to get around this.

  Simsy 02:16 11 Mar 2011

the location concerned?

If it's one of the system directories, then I think this is normal. I'm not sure ther's a way round it.

As usual, I'm open to correction on this!



  ACOLYTE 16:22 12 Mar 2011

Sorry i didn't get back to this earlier,the file is in programfiles (x86) folder,and i have managed to change the file by copying it to My Documents and then making the changes and copying it back,but now i cant save the file as the same type as it is in the original folder.

Would be a lot easier if i could just make the changes in the original folder,is there a way to do this?.

  ACOLYTE 00:41 13 Mar 2011

I have googled this to death and cannot find a way to alter files inside the system folders,imo this is a really stupid thing to have in windows 7 and very inconvenient if like me you need to edit files.

  mooly 07:54 13 Mar 2011

Does this work,
click here

  Simsy 07:55 13 Mar 2011

though it may not be practical, is to boot into Ubuntu, (or another Linux version); either by installing as dual boot ona seperate partition, or running from a live CD...

While in Linux you may be able to access/edit the file in question, as Windows wont be running, hence able to prevent it.

What is the file concerned? Perhaps ther is a way to alter it from the programme concerned?



  ACOLYTE 13:07 13 Mar 2011

Thanks for the link Mooly,this is basically what i have had to do to edit the file,but the trouble i have found with this is that when you have done editing,it does not save the file as the type it was before but only as a .txt file,so when i copy it back the program doesn't read from it and continues using the old file.

Simsy,im not really wanting to go to all the trouble of setting up a duel boot system to edit files,something that i should be able to do easily
already.The file in question is an .xsv file,basically a set of instructions in text format when opened,but once opened and edited it wont save in the same type as it was (xsv),i can select the original file when asked where to save after editing and then i can save as the original file type,but the problem with that is windows wont allow me access to save it in that location or overwrite the original.

  Drum 17:19 13 Mar 2011

I got round this in W7 by copying the file I wanted to edit to the desktop and renaming the original file in its original location to ..old.

Then edit the copy and save, then cut and paste to the original location.
The prog will ignore the file with the ..old extension, which allows you to test the new file, and if all OK, delete the renamed file.

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