Problem restoring Outlook Express backups

  Catastrophe 08:52 15 Nov 2004

I have one of my computers only on the Internet for security reasons. I have backups of Outlook Express and want to access some on another computer. Outlook Express works fine without an Internet connection just to view old emails.

However, some older emails are not being restored and I wonder whether this has anything to do with OE version. Using OE6 I can access back to December 2002 but the previous overlapping backup ending February 2003 will not load.

I am going C:\windows\Application data\Identities etc. and copying these old emails to the current equivalent location on the non-internet computer. Doing this with recent files works perfectly. Doing this with the older files gives an error message (black ! on yellow triangle):

"Outlook Express could not be started. The application was unable to open the Outlook Express message store. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full. Contact Microsoft support for further assistance (0x8007000E)."

C: partition is 8.01 GB with 5.27 GB free.
Performance tab shows 512.0 MB RAM 81% free.

Furthermore the backup which works perfectly is much larger than the one which does not. 195 MB versus 31.0 MB.

Any idea what is going on please?

  woodt 09:38 15 Nov 2004

Rather than copying, have you tried importing the meessages, File/Import messages, select OE as the program you are importing from then 'Import mail from OE6 directory. You can then browse to where you have your old emails.

  Catastrophe 12:43 15 Nov 2004

Thanks for the suggestion but I can't get that to work. It says:

"No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder by closing applications which may have the files open."

I have stopped all except Explorer and Systray, started OE and it says the same. All running now are those three plus Rnaapp.

This is selecting OE4. If I select OE6 and opt for OE6 store directory it still says the same.

Also I have moved the files up to just one level down so I can browse to them. (It didn't work staying as low as I can get).

I noticed it tried downloading earlier. Remember I am off line on this computer. Does that interfere with Import?

  woodt 14:35 15 Nov 2004

What did you use to backup your OE messages and where are they now stored?

  Catastrophe 10:34 18 Nov 2004

I copied the files to a different folder. Then moved them to the other computer and put them in the corresponding location:

C:\windows\Application Data\Identities\(lots of alphanumeric)\Microsoft\Outlook Express\(inbox etc.).

When that didn't work I put them (inbox etc.) one level under C: and browsed to them. Still didn't work.

  woodt 10:55 18 Nov 2004

Can you please tell me what OS you are using? In XP Outlook Express message folders are usually found somewhere like this

C:\Documents and Settings\User name\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{LOTS OF DIGITS}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

What I suggest you do is copy this folder from the PC connected to the internet to a CD and use this to import from.

  woodt 00:08 19 Nov 2004

There is acomprehensive guide to backing up and restoring OE files click here

  pipedream 06:39 19 Nov 2004

Make sure the backups aren't set to Read Only as they won't import (this can happen if they've been copied from a CD-R).

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