Problem recording sound on Olympus digital camera

  Nosmas 01:53 13 Jun 2004

I have an Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom digital camera, which has a facility for recording 4 seconds of sound on still pictures. Until now I have never tried to use this feature, but am having problems in getting it to work. I have followed the instructions to enable sound to be recorded, and ½ second after taking a photo the bar appears on the display screen to indicate that recording is taking place as I speak towards the camera's inbuilt microphone.

When the photo is displayed on the camera screen, in the top right corner is an icon of a music note between square brackets. This icon is not featured in any of the illustrations in the camera manual, nor can I see any reference to it in the text. When the sound recording feature is switched off no such icon appears on subsequent photos, so presumably the icon indicates that the sound recording feature was switched on when that photo was taken. However when the photos are downloaded to my PC (using the supplied Olympus Camedia Master software) the Help file states that there should be a loudspeaker icon in the top right corner of the thumbnail image, but my images do not show any icon. Furthermore, displaying the properties of a downloaded photo makes no reference to whether or not sound has been recorded for that particular image.

Please could someone with knowledge of this camera give me some idea of what (if anything) I may be doing or omitting to do that is causing this problem, and also if the photo's properties should show whether or not sound has been recorded.

  Nosmas 12:36 13 Jun 2004

Any Olympus owners out there, or anyone else with a camera that records sound, with any suggestions please?

  britto 17:18 13 Jun 2004

does this help, " If the recording mode is set to TIFF, sound will not be recorded with a picture when
the Mode dial is set to P or A/S/M, but it can be added later during playback." From page 14 of downloaded manual

  Nosmas 18:46 13 Jun 2004

Thanks for your response. I think you must have a different manual to mine, which I printed out (208 x A4 pages) from the .pdf file on the CD that came with the camera. No mention of anything to do with sound on page 14, but on page 117 it says in relation to recording sound when taking a picture 'This function is not available in TIFF'

However I don't think this is the cause of my problem as my setting for recording pictures is 'HQ'.

Do you actually own one of these cameras? If so I wonder if you would mind experimenting with adding sound to a test picture and let me know if it works OK? I would be most grateful for any information, as I am going on holiday next week and hoped to use this feature for some of my holiday photos.

  britto 18:57 13 Jun 2004

sorry have not got that camera,downloaded the basic manual from click here does the sound work with movie mode?

  britto 19:42 13 Jun 2004

is this of any use?
click here

  Nosmas 01:13 14 Jun 2004

Thanks again for those two links. I've looked at the first, but it is a cut down version of the manual I have printed from the CD. Incidentally I have now found the warning you quoted re TIFF on page 57 of my manual. I have also discovered an illustration showing the 'music note' icon for sound. Your second link unfortunately doesn't add anything to what I have already learned.

Is there anyone else out there with any experience of putting sound onto images please?

  Nosmas 13:38 16 Jun 2004

My problem is still unresolved. Contacted Olympus Support Line (in Prague!) and man there unable to diagnose the cause. He experimented with same camera but later version of software and found that there is an associated '.wav' file with the same number as the image it is linked to, that downloaded to his PC along with the picture images ('.jpg' format). He has promised to send me a CD with the later software on it, but I think this is unlikely to arrive before I depart for holiday next Monday, and I would like to know that the sound recording feature is working before I go.

I am not getting any .wav files downloaded with my picture images, but don't know whether this is because no .wav file has been created in the camera or because the software (Camedia Master v2.0) is malfunctioning. I have only ever used the Camedia software to download from camera to PC; can anyone tell me if there is any other software that can be used for downloading to the PC that may pick up the .wav files? Or is there any way that the Smart Media storage medium can be viewed to see if there are any .wav files written on it? Any other ideas to resolve problem please?

  Nosmas 22:06 16 Jun 2004

Have now made a test movie and the sound certainly works for that. So presumably this proves that the camera mike is able to pick up sound, the camera and SmartMedia card are both OK for recording sound, and Camedia Master v2.0 software is able to download to PC all that is necessary for me to play the movie and hear the sound.

Question now is why am I having problems trying to add sound to still photos? Am I missing something? Hopefully there is someone out there who has this camera and has successfully added sound to still images? Please can anyone tell me if the appearance of the 'music note' icon on the camera monitor when in display mode is indicative of a sound file having been generated, or does it only indicate that the sound recording feature was turned on for that image?


  britto 23:09 16 Jun 2004

click here there is an updated version of your software for download you could try this,select your camera & OS first then click send.

  Nosmas 15:34 17 Jun 2004

Thanks for your suggestion and link. That eventually led me to offerings for Camedia Twain Drivers and Camedia Utility Software, none of which looks to be any help. The man I spoke to at the Support Line said there are no downloads for updated Camedia Master software available from their website, and this borne out by the notice appearing at click here Seems I will just have to wait for the CD to arrive and then hope that later version software will solve my problem.

Rather disappointed that no-one else out of the 140K membership of this forum has been able to offer help. Would particularly like to know of any means to investigate what files have been written to the SmartMedia card.

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