Problem rebuilding Intel Raid 1 array on Gigabyte motherboard

  Tim 17:23 10 Jul 2011

I have a Windows 7 64bit computer which uses a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD motherboard.

I have a raid 1 array for my system volume which uses the built-in Intel Raid chip on the motherboard.

I have recently had one of the hard disks of the array fail and I have replaced it with a new disk. The problem is that when I go into the Raid Bios (using Ctr I) I get no option to rebuild the array using the new disk. According to the motherboard manual I should get an option for it. How do I get the array rebuilt without losing all the data?

The Raid Bios screen gives the following information Raid volume 0 - Status failed. The disk which I have replaced has status - Non Raid Disk The good disk in the array has status - Member Disk (0)

Because the system volume has status failed - I cannot boot into Windows

Any help which allows me to rebuild the Raid 1 array would be gratefully received.

Thanks, Timothy Edwards

  retep888™ 00:08 11 Jul 2011

If the good disk is still working within the functional Raid array then you can boot into Windows and rebuild Raid 1 using the Raid controller panel.

If you can't boot into Windows,you have a big problem here,the Raid 1 array might be corrupted because Raid 1 is designed to make sure at least one disk is still functioning and if you break & recreate a new Raid 1 array, you might be asked to format your disks & lose all datas. Hope you've backed up all datas & best of all a restorable system image.

You can try getting another identical disk to your replaced disk,take the good Member 0 disk out ,put those 2 new disks in and either delete & create a new array or just create a new array and afterwards put back the Member 0 disk in & see if the new array sees this old disk and boots up then you can rebuild Raid 1 with one of the disks.

If all fails then you might try this data recovery tool

  carver 08:50 11 Jul 2011

Make sure that you have taken out the correct hard drive, I am not being funny about this but I had the same problem with this same Mobo and the soft ware used told me the wrong hard drive had failed.

I spent over 2 hours trying to boot from a failed hard drive.

It may not be your problem but it's worth checking.

  Tim 23:39 11 Jul 2011

I am pretty sure that I took out the correct disk as before I did in the RAID BIOS one of the disks was marked faulty anf the other was OK. After the disk was replaced. I still had a disk marked at healthy and also a non-raid disk in place of the faulty one.

Thanks, Tim

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