Problem with Real Player Plus

  Yimbo 23:30 09 Sep 2011

I've just uploaded a CD to my RP library collection - and that was OK! But, the CD cover picture has been copied on to all the other music files in the library - making it now very hard to distinguish one from another!

Any ideas as to what has happened - and particularly - how to restore the original pictures?

  northumbria61 23:56 09 Sep 2011

I can only assume your "Save" selections are incorrect.

A box will box up labeled “Save Tracks”. Check to see that all the tracks you wish to save are selected. If not, or if you don’t wish to save all of them, check the necessary boxes next to each.

  Yimbo 10:34 10 Sep 2011

Thanks northumbria61 - When I inserted the CD, all the tracks were listed by title and "pending" indicated against each. "Do you wish to save the tracks?" "Yes", I ticked each title, and the upload went OK - "completed"

But on opening the RP library, not only were all the uploaded tracks listed, with the CD cover picture on each - but the same picture appears on every single other item in the library, whereas before they all had their own identifying picture.

I'm very confused as to what has caused this - and also how to reverse matters.

  northumbria61 15:36 11 Sep 2011

I can't advise what may have caused this but I suggest you uninstall/reinstall Real Player carefully following the instructions in the LINK - enter link description here

  Yimbo 13:46 12 Sep 2011

Looks like this is my only alternative! But I'd hate the thought of losing all my library etc. files!

Can these be safe-guarded in any way prior to uninstalling RP?

RP have stopped technical support via email - just a phone number, in USA it looks like! Goodness knows what that would cost!!

  northumbria61 16:50 12 Sep 2011

You won't lose your music by uninstalling and reinstalling Real Player. Your media files will stay somewhere in your program file although you have uninstalled Real Player. When you re-install the free Real Player, the media files will be automatically transferred to your library.

In case you have forgotten this is how you would add your music to Real Player after you reinstall enter link description here

  northumbria61 16:51 12 Sep 2011

Your media files will stay somewhere in your program file ie: your Music Folder

  Yimbo 18:03 16 Sep 2011

Thanks again northumbria61. Not looked at my posts for a couple of days -so I missed your latest till now! Thanks for the advice! I'll follow what you've outlined - it ought to work out OK. Thanks again!

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