Problem reading CDs that I've written.

  Alexander P 19:23 11 May 2003

I'm having trouble displaying the photos that I've "burned" onto writeable CDs. I've got a Sony Vaio lap-top running the Windows XP operating system; It only has a CD-rom drive so the CD writing set up is an external Freecom CD-RW, connected via a USB cable, and using the supplied Roxio software (the Direct CD format utility and Easy CD Creator 5 Basic). Downloading the photos (which are all large tif files) onto the blank CDs happens OK. And all the software indicates that the saved photos are indeed present on the CDs. The problem is trying to get the laptop to display the photos from the newly burned discs so that I can see them again. The computer just seems to get indigestion and takes forever and ever to display a preview of the picture. I've given up waiting. Sometimes one image is displayed but then the process of displaying the rest just seems to stop. All the while the machine grumbles and whirs to no particular effect. Does anyone have an idea of what the problem might be?

  Pesala 20:36 11 May 2003

I copied a 60 Mbyte image to my CD-RW, which is using the build-in IDE interface, not a USB cable. It took about 60 seconds to copy. I opened the 60 Mbyte image in Irfan View. It took 3272 milliseconds to load - about three seconds. I then loaded the file from the CD-RW drive. It took 51231 milliseconds or about 51 seconds. This is with preview turned off. If preview was on, it would have to load the file into memory, resize it to preview size. This takes about five seconds from the hard disk, but just over a minute from the CD-RW drive. If you are using USB these times might be much larger.

The solution is to turn off preview, or just be prepared to wait for the software to do its job. I suspect that there is nothing much wrong.

  powerless 20:39 11 May 2003

Stick the disc in the laptop CD rom drive?

  woodchip 20:41 11 May 2003

Are you using the software you got with the writer or using XP

  Alexander P 10:50 12 May 2003

1)I have been putting the written CDs in the laptop's CD-Rom drive and also the external CD writer. In both cases displaying the newly burned pictures takes ages.

2)I have burned discs using both Easy CD Creator and the drag & drop facility of Windows XP (after formatting the discs using the Roxio Direct CD utility).

My laptop has terrible trouble displaying the pictures in both cases.

  woodchip 13:58 12 May 2003

The way to go is, format a CDr or a CDrw with Direct CD in the task bar right click and choose format it will take a while. Then use Windows Explore to just drag and drop the Pics but you will need Direct CD reader on your Laptop. If it's an old Laptop the CD Drive may not be able to read, even with Direct CD

  Confab 14:11 12 May 2003

It may be quicker to copy the burned cd images on to your C drive and then use your imaging software to view them from there, rather than direct from the CD

  Alexander P 14:26 12 May 2003

Woodchip - that exactly what I have done I think). It's "playing back" the pictures that is the problem. The laptop is just a year old.

Amber-Shortie - I want the pics off the computer because in total they take up about 2gb of space. They are big tif files, not tiny jpegs.

  woodchip 16:35 12 May 2003

You have to disable XP software if you want to use Easy CD Creatore Software

  woodchip 16:36 12 May 2003

You have to disable XP software if you want to use Easy CD Creatore Software

  Alexander P 16:42 12 May 2003

Why would that be? The bumf with the cd writer says it's compatible with XP.

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