Problem with RansomTrojan Virus

  Hercules02 17:16 31 May 2013

Hello Yesterday I had a problem with a trojan virus that puts up a message telling me that the police have blocked my computer and I had to pay a fine. I used Malware Bytes to remove it, which it did, but today my desktop screen was completely black apart from the cursor and I couldn't do anything. I used system restore to fix it. I suspect that no desktop screen was being loaded. If this happens again is there a way to check and fix this directly? How is the desktop screen loaded ?

Thanks for any help/advice

  rdave13 18:21 31 May 2013

Usually pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE should bring up the task manager. In the task manager select File / New Task (Run...), type explorer.exe and click OK. The desktop should open.

  Hercules02 20:57 31 May 2013

Thanks Dave

So it probably means that Internet explorer wasn't starting. Im surprised that MalwareBytes didn't fix this as part of the cleanup. Ill note your advice for the future. Can't understand how these trojans are getting into my system. Ive had 23 years trouble free and now Ive had 3 trojans in the last month! Perhaps I'll ditch Norton and try something else !

  rdave13 21:13 31 May 2013

Two programs that stop bad scripts on web pages that I can recommend. A one off payment to Malwarebytes and the free version of Avast, or the paid for version. The paid for version of Avast is over-the-top for my liking.

Free SAS protects the home page and has a useful manual scan and Spywareblaster simply blocks bad sites from being loaded.

However ditching Norton will be your decision.

Before you do, why not contact them, and state your problems, and why their security was lacking?

  Hercules02 20:19 04 Jun 2013

Hi Dave I did contact Norton and detailed all my concerns. They responded that they would investigate and get back to me. Thats two months ago, and Ive heard nothing since. What bothers me is that despite running Norton Security 2013 it seems I am wide open to these attacks. When I contacted Norton about the latest issue they wanted $100 to tackle it. In the end I decided to tackle it myself and I think Ive won. The main problem was a data file that could be used to replicate the virus at boot time if the infection had been removed.

  sunnystaines 08:51 05 Jun 2013

I sould have thought if you are still in your norton licence period, you go onto norton live chat they take control remotly of your pc and fix it for free. not sure where the 5100 fee come in unless you are a corporate user

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