problem playing dvds

  Rennaissance 12:07 28 Feb 2004

hi, i have recently upgraded my gfx card drivers but dont know if this is the cause. When i load a dvd, and load up the program power dvd xp, i press play and it just does nothing, no reaction. It says play, but nothing is on the screen. So i try win dvd, now when i try and play this, the screen goes black and then back to normal and the dvd plays fine. When i press exit on the win dvd it goes black again and then fine again. All my dvd drives firmware is the latest. Latest BIOS. Latest gfx card drivers. Does anyone know whats wrong? Thanks in advance. Im on windows xp pro btw, my system specs are 256 mb ddr ram, 80gig hdd, ati radeon 9200 256 mb ddr gfx card a dvd rom drive and a dvdrw drive.

It also doesnt seem to work properly with the dvd rw drive.

  Rennaissance 15:39 28 Feb 2004

tried uninstalling all cyberlink software, but they dont want to uninstall. I click on add or remove programs and then change or remove power dvd and it goes and trys loading the uninstall program and then just nothing at all happens. So i thought i will reinstall it over the current software and halfway through installation of power dvd it says something about an install or uninstallation of the current file is needed and cannot do it. The file is and also I cant delete them no matter what, it just says access is denied. Help///

  Stuartli 15:47 28 Feb 2004

Have you downloaded the PowerDVD patch for your version from Cyberlink's website?

  Rennaissance 15:59 28 Feb 2004

no i havent. But it used to play just fine before. How can i find what version i have got?

  Stuartli 17:17 28 Feb 2004

Right click on the main PowerDVD screen and then select About.

Pretty standard method of finding out about any program or utility; sometimes you have to click on the Help file and then choose About xxxx

  Rennaissance 18:59 28 Feb 2004

no luck still wont play my dvds.

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