Problem with photos

  honeysuckle 18:31 29 Jul 2007

I downloaded some photos into my pc last week from my sd card. the problem is I then found I had copies of these photos so Ideleted the copies but my pc made more copies which I deleted then I got more copies. Now I have copies of copies of copies of everything.
What have I done wrong and how do i clear these off my PC.

  woodchip 18:43 29 Jul 2007

Sounds like you are using different Photo Edit programs that creates copys when you start to edit them

  hssutton 18:50 29 Jul 2007

Did you "delete" them by right clicking then selecting Delete by any chance? If so it is very easy to inadvertently make copies instead.

  woodchip 18:51 29 Jul 2007

yep, I have done that also.

  Technotiger 19:14 29 Jul 2007

Hi, in your My Pictures highlight a few of the pictures (hold down Ctrl and select a few pics) and then instead of clicking on Delete, Press the Del button on your keyboard. If this works, and I think it should, you can then highlight a larger number in the same way and press the Del key.

  Pineman100 19:14 29 Jul 2007

Try to explain the exact process that you use to delete the photos. This may reveal the reason for the problem.

  honeysuckle 20:11 29 Jul 2007

I have been highlighting them then rightclicking and press delete butmore appear in the deleted copies place

  honeysuckle 20:13 29 Jul 2007

Oh and I just remembered I had created new folders to organise my collection and had dragged and dropped them in. I haven't edited any of them

  Technotiger 20:16 29 Jul 2007

As I said above - don't right-click and delete, but highlight and then press the Delete button on your Keyboard.

  amonra 20:20 29 Jul 2007

As you highlight each photo, pause for a second or two before pressing the delete key. I think it's something to do with the time taken for the memory to "select" the photo and put it ready to delete.
When I delete a batch of photos, I press the Ctrl key, click on each photo in turn but pause for a second or two before clicking on the next one, then finally Delete.

  Technotiger 20:21 29 Jul 2007

Another way is to hold down left mouse button and drag mouse across pics to be deleted, this will highlight them - press Delete key on your keyboard.

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