Problem with the phone line and broadband

  Sparkly 10:11 28 May 2013

Hi i have been asked by a friend of mine about the above his phone line is very noisy/crackly and allso his broadband is intermittent, he has a package with Utility Warehouse for phone/mobile and broadband. If there is a problem with the line does he contact Utility Warehouse about the problem or does he call BT as he was told that BT still own the lines even if your with another provider for these services. He did contact Utility Warehouse all they did was send out some new filters and that did not help.


  Chronos the 2nd 10:18 28 May 2013

Utility Warehouse I had never heard of them but can I suggest if that is the best customer service your friend is getting then he might want to move ISP's.

But it looks like he is also getting his phone calls from them so I would imagine it is the companies responsibility to look into the problems your friend is having.

  spuds 10:42 28 May 2013

Virtually all UK telephone lines are still 'maintained' and 'leased-out' by BT, excluding cable like Virgin or Sky. Telephone exchanges can be a combination of part BT and part ISP equipment.

Your friends contract would be with the company that receives direct payment from him. And these would be the company to contact via their customer support procedures.

Crackling and intermittent broadband on the line usually means checking and possibly repairing, and only the supplier of the service can provide this. Water, bad joints, old cable, failing equipment might be the problem, it usually is.

There are 'self help checks' that the public can do themselves, and this information is available by a simple internet search.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:38 28 May 2013

Plug the phone into the master socket where the phone line enters the house.

If it still crackles then its on the line (supply) to the house and that is for your phone supplier to sort out.

If NO crackling then fault is on lines / equipment inside the house and is your problem to sort out.

Disconnect all equipment (phones extensions TV boxes modems) try just the phone in its normal position if OK start connecting other equipment until you locate the problem.

  rdave13 15:35 28 May 2013

If it still crackles after the above tell the ISP/Line provider to do a line check. It's their responsibility not BTs, even though it will be BT that does the repair.

  Sparkly 17:06 28 May 2013

Thanks everyone for your input and advice, Fruit Bat /\0/\ we will be doing as you adise the socket is behind a dresser so will be starting tommorrow. Thanks all.

  Sparkly 07:41 30 May 2013

Fruit Bat /\0/\, rdave13 done as fb advised still got bad cracking with just the phone connected, an engineer is being sent out.

Thanks all.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:33 30 May 2013

"done as fb advised still got bad cracking with just the phone connected"

Sparkly, did you use the master socket's hidden test socket for this? - more info here. Basically, you need to expose the hidden socket, connect a broadband filter then connect a phone to it. The test socket disables all internal wiring so if you still get noise on the line then it must be present on the line that comes into your house and it's therefore BT's job to sort it out.

If you haven't already tried this then I'd advise you do so as your friend will be liable for any charges if the problem is found to be within his house.

  Sparkly 09:31 31 May 2013

Hi Secret-Squirrel "did you use the master socket's hidden test socket for this" Yes done that and still sounds like pebbles crashing on Brighton beach. Thanks.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:21 31 May 2013

"Yes done that and still sounds like pebbles crashing on Brighton beach"

That's a relief.

You've properly tested that it's a fault on the line coming into the house so it's BT's responsibility to fix it.

  lotvic 11:19 31 May 2013

wait a mo' - did you try it with a different telephone? It's possible that the phone itself has a fault/is worn out.

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