Problem With PCI In Dell Computer

  mjgriffo 16:04 10 Jan 2006


I have a Dell Optiplex 170L at work and were trying to add a video capture card to it. With it being the flat desk machine rather than the tower we are having problems finding a PCI expansion card to fit. I've read on sites that you can use a PCI Riser Card but I'm unsure of what this means. A friend mentioned a Hauppage product with WinTV that fits in fine but i cant seem to find a product that looks like it would fit in at all. Anyone any ideas?

  madPentium 08:23 12 Jan 2006

I thought the 170L had 3 pci slots in it?
I dont think you will see them on the motherboard, they usually have a card coming up vertically off the motherboard, and the pci slots are horizontal on this.
You can usually tell by looking at the back of the machine to see if there are any narrow metal blanking plates where new cards would stick through when fitted.

  Belatucadrus 12:41 12 Jan 2006

According to Dell the desktop case has one low profile PCI and two standard accesible via optional riser, you could either buy a low profile capture card click here for the low profile slot, assuming it's still free. Or call Dell for a quote on the appropriate PCI Riser Card Customer Kit. click here

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