Problem with outlook express now using broadband

  JustJohn 21:43 27 Sep 2005

Just activated my broadband connection.

Everything is fine if I load up Internet explorer. I have the option of using the broadband connection as outlook express starts. However if I try to start up outlook express before IE then it tries to use the old dial up connection.
Any thoughts?


  bremner 21:55 27 Sep 2005

OE go to Tools > Options > Connections and under Internet Connection Settings make sure it says Outlook Express shares Internet connection with Internet Explorer.

If it doesn't click change

  JustJohn 22:00 27 Sep 2005

It says that it does share with IE


Just received an email from NTL support so that might also help

  Stuartli 22:46 27 Sep 2005

Is IE configured to use your new broadband connection as Always Dial My Default Connection?

OE shares IE's configuration so any changes should apply to it equally.

  JustJohn 16:05 28 Sep 2005

IE is configured to use my new broadband connection as Always Dial My Default Connection.

IE works fine, it's just Outlook express that I can't click on and use immeadiately. It is ok if I click on my Broadband connection first but it still asks me if I wish to use the broadband connection or my original dial up.

NTL support has not helped at all.

  wobblymike 16:15 28 Sep 2005

Try de selecting always dial my default connection - you should not need it for broadband.
Second, in OE select tools, accounts and then check that your Broadband ISP is set to default - you will probably find that it is still set to your dial up connection just set the broadband connection to default and then either delete your dial up connection or deselect it from being checked. If you need chapter and verse post back and I can give you that when i get home

  JustJohn 16:30 28 Sep 2005

Deselected "always dial up my default connection" and IE then did not pick up broadband immeadiately.

Will I just have to put up with clicking on my broadband icon first?

  Jackcoms 16:45 28 Sep 2005

Is your dial-up connection still showing in Network Connection?

If it is, delete it

  Hamish 16:46 28 Sep 2005

Try selecting Never dial a connection in IE explorer. You should not need any dial up for broadband

  JustJohn 16:59 28 Sep 2005

Dial up connection is showing in Network connection but the broadband is the default.

Tried "never dial a connection" but then IE would not connect automatically to broadband.

Do I just have to click on my broadband icon before I wish to use Outlook Express. It just seems strange that IE finds it automatically but Outlook Express doesn't.


  Stuartli 17:15 28 Sep 2005

As I mentioned earlier, Outlook Express uses Internet Explorer connection configuration. You will require your BB ISP to be your Default connection.

Have you configured OE to Always Collect from (your BB ISP) from Tools>Accounts>highlight default ISP>Connections>Server tab menu?

You will need to set each account in turn to collect from the Server tab menu via this route.

BB is still very much a dialup connection as far as your system is concerned and IE and OE's workings depend on how you configure your requirements.

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