alt 08:52 21 Jul 2003

Hi, When I try and download any new e-mails I am getting a box coming up asking me to "enter network password". This has not happenned before and I never have to do this. However when I try and cancel it my e-mail wont download,and when I try and enter the password the box just stays put on the screen, I have done a system restore, but I am getting the same problem. I am networking only 2 computers and have never come across this problem before. I am running Outlook NOT outlook express and use XP home as my OS...Thanks in advance Val.....

  Lozzy 08:58 21 Jul 2003

If as you say this has only just started to happen, what have you done in altering any settings or what have you recently downloaded??

  alt 09:16 21 Jul 2003

Hi, Thanks for you fast responce. I was tinkering with the network yesterday trying to access computer # 2 because whilst I can access computer # 1 from computer # 2 I cant seem to do it the other way round, so I have obviously messed things up doing this. However I have done a system restore to take the computer (# 1) back to before the tinkering!!!

  Lozzy 09:55 21 Jul 2003

In XP click on Start>>control panel>>Admin tools>>Local security settings>>Local Policies>>security options.

Now scroll down till you come to Microsoft:allow access if its enabled then disable it. Then scroll down again till you see Network Security: Do Not Store and below that "Force Log off" make sure these are set to disabled..

If that does not fix it come back..

  alt 10:36 21 Jul 2003

Hi Lozzy, I can find up to "Admin Tools", but then I cant find anything which says"local security settings" ?.....Val

  rubella 11:22 21 Jul 2003


following Lozzy's suggestion; try "local security policy" in administrative tools.

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