Problem with opening .pst file

  BaboonBoy22 13:52 02 Jul 2010

Hello all,
I have just installed win 7 and office 2007. Have set up outlook with my imap accounts. I need to refer to past emails, but keep them archived. So I located the 4 pst files which I want, and opened them in outlook. Archived Folder appears for each one on the left hand side as normal.
Now the problem, 2 of them are only showing mail up to Feb 09. I closed 1 of them and tried opening it again (thinking perhaps it hadn't synced properly) But now it's not showing any mail at all!
Right clicking on the Archive Folder in question and selecting properties, then click folder size shows 0 for all. And yet the pst file size is 219Mb!

Could anyone please try and shed some light on this matter? Thanks

  BRYNIT 14:08 02 Jul 2010

Could be a glitch with the folder, try copying the PST file to another folder.

Could also be a corrupt PST file. Go to program files/Microsoft Office/Office12 and click on scanpst.exe. From the box you will need to browse to the file you are having problems with. If it is a corrupt file hopefully it should rectify the problem.

  BaboonBoy22 15:06 02 Jul 2010

Thanks BRYNIT, I've copied the file and tried opening it on my work machine and same thing.
I've now scanned the file and hasn't made any difference.
One thing that I did forget to mention was when all 4 pst's had been opened I moved the folders into 1 archive folder instead of 4 separate ones. So I would have just 1 Archive folder which when expanded would show 4 subfolders.
Could anything of happened when I moved them? I dont see why, no errors occured in the process.

  Woolwell 16:20 02 Jul 2010

I think that the clue here is that you moved the folders into 1 archive folder. How did you do that?
All of the e-mails should be in the one folder with one pst file for that folder. The other folders should be empty as you have probably moved their contents.
Do you have a back up of the pst files?

  BaboonBoy22 16:49 02 Jul 2010

Each time a pst file was added it created "Archive Folders" with all its contents. Rather than having 4 Archive Folders, I moved that subfolders that I wanted into 1 of the "Archive Folders".
Everything seemed fine.
Closed the remaining Archived Folders that I didn't want to see anymore.
On inspection of the emails notices there were some missing.
Closed one subfolder. Added it again .. now nothing is showing although the file size is still the same.
So there must be something there apart from empty folders. Empty folders do not have a file size of 219Mb.
Sorry I'm just really confused. I thought that opening the files and moving the folders around, wouldn't effect the actual pst files, just the way you saw them.

  Woolwell 17:21 02 Jul 2010

My understanding is that it does affect the pst files and that you are moving the contents into one.

  BaboonBoy22 18:30 02 Jul 2010

Bugger. What can I do to revert it back? The files Are stored on an external drive and there are no backups. I know I know. :o(

  Woolwell 19:03 02 Jul 2010

I haven't got Windows 7 but it may be possible that you now have more than one version of the pst files - one on the internal harddrive and the other on the external drive. Suggest you have a look.

  BaboonBoy22 12:43 03 Jul 2010

If the file size is still the same surly there is a way of being able to get the mails back

  Woolwell 20:02 03 Jul 2010

Have a look in all folders, junk, deleted, etc.

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